Monday, May 11, 2009

New Friends

Mistress and i have recently been in contact with another Femdom couple in our area through a craigslist ad they placed. As posted in Moving out of O/our comfort Zone we managed to have a great exchange through a private chat room and discovered they were the fine folks at The Path Least Chosen, Domina and anthony (D and a). W/we left things to either chat again or possibly get together. It seemed they enjoyed U/us as much as W/we enjoyed them and encouraged to meet up for dinner. After getting all of O/our adult schedules W/we managed to set up a date and meet up.

So on Saturday Mistress and i nervously (and excitedly) got O/ourselves presentable, arranged a sitter, and ventured up to the big city to meet with up D and a. Mistress was more nervous than i was about this meet up. i just figured i was better at putting the fact that we had everything out in the open on O/our blogs out of my mind. i was more excited to meet up with someone new and people that everything was fair game for discussion.

W/we arrived a little before D and a and were taken back by the lack of "curb appeal" of the restaurant D and a had chosen. That was quickly remedied after W/we went inside to a warm and inviting atmosphere. See, don't judge a book by it's cover!!

D and a looked great. It was great to see the people behind the emails and blog posts. After W/we were seated everyone went right into all out conversation, picking up where W/we left off on O/our chat. Most of the conversation covered matters of the vanilla type with a few D/s bombs dropped here and there. D was outgoing, positive, and bubbly while a was more reserved and shy. a seemed to open up as the night went on and it was obvious that he seemed the least comfortable of the group. In time he opened up with little bits and pieces. It was inspiring how thoughtful and articulate a is. He was the only one in the group who was not partaking the "social lubricant" but it did not effect the conversation or the evening at all. As a matter of fact, it was amazing how perfect the place was they picked out. i thought about the awkwardness in certain crowded restaurant situations could be. But, D and a picked a great place. Whether by accident or on purpose, i don't know. Just like a magician- a Domme doesn't give away secrets!

The evening moved very quickly, which is always a sign that things are going well. i remember a perking up and noting the time was 9 pm and the next thing i know it, the clock chimed 11 pm. Even though W/we shared D/s, it was wonderful that all of us enjoyed each other beyond that. Mistress, not wanting to end the night as things were getting going, suggested W/we go to another location for drinks and dessert.

It seemed that the switch of locations and the small break during the car ride opened everything up and everyone came out shooting when W/we regrouped at O/our new location. Conversation moved from vanilla to O/our relationships, toys, techniques, and personal questions. It was really sweet how D would tease a and make him blush and at the same time be supportive and loving. She really is a true a Domme. Assertive, confident, and commanding but at the same time supportive, loving, and thoughtful. Not like some of the people who you may read about who say they are a Domme but really they are a "bitch". i think one of the things i enjoyed about them was how much T/they remind me of Mistress and i. It was like looking in a mirror. Seeing another couple truly in love, enjoying their time together, and in a working D/s relationship.

a had a couple of "quotable moments" throughout the evening. i tend to go open wide and speak from the cuff while a is much more thoughtful. Several times i caught myself trying to make mental note of his statements. If you have not read their blog, i really recommend that you do so to truly appreciate both of them. a is not your "spineless" slave. Both D and a write together on the blog and it offers wonderful insight.

So just like O/our first chat, the evening came to an end too soon. But the time of day, long drive, and early rise for a the next day suggested W/we cut things off. Mistress and i could have stayed up all night talking with them. But maybe like a good concert, W/we were left wanting to come back for more. Mistress and i have many friends but many of them live long distances away and none of them have drawn both of U/us in like D and a. i hope this is the first of many more times together and the beginning of a long friendship. i can't speak for T/them, but i look forward to O/our next time together and i appreciate the time T/they gave to U/us out of T/their limited time they have together.

Maybe next time, a and i will cook dinner for the Ladies? Who knows. But, i am sure it will be fun.

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