Friday, December 17, 2010

Formspring Me:How many times can miss orgasm in an hour?

Mistress and i have not ever taken time to count the amount of orgasms in an hour. i do recall in a hot session She climaxed 8-10 times.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Taste of Mistress

Last weekend Mistress allowed me to give Her another one of my full body massages. Even though She wasn't in a particularly sexual mood, it did lead to some intimate time and another opportunity to pleasure Her.

As it does most times, i started with a good long back rub. As i worked down Her back i rubbed and worked out the kinks in Mistress' lover thighs and legs. Of course Mistress was not going to let me forget to massage Her beautiful butt cheeks. After kneading and working the stress out of Her posterior muscles, i was instructed to massage Her inner thighs. Knowing where i was going to be near was all i needed for Her cock to get hard. In the process of massaging the insides of Her legs, i would brush up against Her lips and outer area around Her pussy. It wasn't long before Mistress was moaning and writing around to get Her hips up higher so that i could pleasure Her more effectively. My mouth was watering with the possibility of tasting Her. So after a little bit of manual stimulation, i put my eager tongue on Her protruding anus. This got a positive reaction which encouraged me to delve in more vigorously and more passion. While i was giving oral to Her ass She had me grab Her Hitachi Magic wand that She placed up against Her wetness. Before long She decided it was time for Her to flip over and have me finger Her ass while She continued the use of Her vibrator. Between Her help and myself, W/we were able to stimulate Her clit with the wand while i had one finger in Her ass and another in Her pussy. Triple Stimulation!! i particularly tried to massage the shared wall between the pussy and anus by rubbing back and forth. Mistress came hard not long afterwards.

Mistress then reminded me that i had not massaged Her front yet. Being eager to please, i got out the cocoa butter and massaged Her front, breasts, stomach and front thighs while She went for round two with Mr. Hitachi. Between the breast massage and the vibrator it wasn't long before She came again. i was a happy and hard sub.

Mistress then asked me if i wanted to cum. My answer was "No, i just want to please You" At first She didn't believe me, but it was what i really desired. Of course i "wanted" to cum but the desire to pleasure Her was much higher on my list and i felt very satisfied knowing that i pleased Her. What i didn't want was for Mistress to have me cum just to have the release. i want to cum only when Mistress wants or desires to make me do that. i think that is the most true "sub space" i have experienced lately. So i was excused to leave with a hard on and a smile on my face due to a job well done.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

D/s for Dummies

i stumbled upon an article that Thumper wrote in his blog Denying Thumper about explaining D/s and the different layers of the nuances of the D/s relationship. Not only was his article informative, but the other blog post he referred to is even better.

Both Thumper and the other writer not only clarify how D/s fits into a day-to-day life, but also is informative to the non-D/s community. You could send somebody who does not understand the dynamics of this type of lifestyle and i would feel that they would come away with a better understanding. Please go and read both articles since i do not even to attempt to try to do justice to the subject matter.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Formspring Me:Do you have any advice from a subby man to a woman who is new to being a Domme?

As a sub, i don't really think it is my place to be telling a soon to be Domme what to do. i really think your question would be better sent to my Mistress at Sensual Femdom.

But since you asked, i will give it my best shot.

i am assuming i am directing this to a woman. i would recommend first of all reading as many different male sub and Femdom blogs. No one couple has it right. Every situation is different, so You will have to pick piece from each blog to apply to Yourself.

Secondly, i would make sure there is a open line of communication. D/s is not for people who cannot communicate well. Make sure You know his limits and he knows Yours. Everything needs to be out in the open before You start down this road. Don't get frustrated if some of his limits are things You like. This will change and grow in time. There were things on my hard limits years ago that are on the "like" list. You just don't know.

Lastly, You need to decide together if this is just for play or the "real deal" Many of the bloggers i follow live the "real deal" as much 24/7 as possible. In those cases, it is so much more than what is going on in the bedroom. It is true submission and Domination.

It is a great lifestyle. Not for everyone. But i think more couples would be happier if they would just accept this dynamic in their existing vanilla relationship/

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Beautiful Femdom Art

i saw this art from another Femdom Site, Femdom Artist. i find the artist work stunning. Check out Francois Dubeau and his other beautiful work.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

As seen at the State Fair-Crop Girl

On O/our date at the Fair, W/we saw this license plate and had a good laugh. Maybe the horse thing is just a cover for reality. wink wink.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Mistress and i have been working through some tough issues that have been around for a majority of O/our marriage. In an effort to gain some perspective and get some time to think, Mistress went up to the city and rented a hotel room for the weekend. She was kind enough to allow me to come up to the city and take Her on a date like W/we used to do. It was so exciting getting ready with a new sense of vigor and energy. Something about going back to dating is very good in sparking that, well spark, that may have become dim over the years. It also reminds U/us why W/we got married in the first place. Anyway, Mistress, daughter, and i enjoyed a wonderful day together going out to a fair and spending quality time together. The only thing hanging over the whole event is why it took so long to happen.

After some discussion, i headed back home by myself and spent the evening and the next day by myself. When Mistress came home on Sunday, my heart was beating fast like a schoolgirl out on a first date. i was so excited to see Her and have Her home again. This was particularly exciting because W/we do not spent any extended time away from each other and, at least for me, made me grow even fonder of Her upon Her return.

She was very tired when She arrived and was a bit achy from the driving all weekend so i offered to massage Her. Well, that turned into a full body massage with cocoa butter and the Hitachi Magic Wand. Mistress was almost asleep until She flipped over on Her back and wanted me to do the same for Her front. What a wonderful treat it was to use the magic wand and my hands to massage every part of Her body. Of course i teased Her sensitive areas in which She responded with small moans of pleasure. i took that as a good thing and continued to tease Her mound and Her breasts. This lasted a prolonged time until She came hard and She turned over and went right to sleep.

W/we may be working through O/our problems, but at least i know i know how to pleasure Mistress and get Her to relax enough to go right to sleep.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

As seen by Mistress

Mistress spotted this pic and it made me laugh. i thought i would share

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Phone Orgasm

Yesterday was a great day. Mistress and i had made arrangements to meet friends to see Bruce Hornsby in concert which i was excited for. But the added bonus was that it led to Mistress getting dressed up in some new outfits She bought. She looked stunning! Mistress exuded sexiness as never before. The more Dominant She becomes, the hotter She gets. i am a lucky sub.

Another highlight of the day happened before W/we left. W/we had both taken advantage of being completely naked since O/our daughter was away staying at my mother-in-law's . W/we were both surfing online when my mother called to ask me some questions about her upcoming trip overseas. Mistress decided it would be fun to see Her little bitch squirm while i was on the phone, so She started to stroke Her cock. At first, it was unsuccessful since i was having a hard time getting it up with my mother on the phone. Undeterred, She stroked more vigorously to achieve the desired result. Sure enough, She had Her bitch's cock all hard and ready to go. Several times i got close to cumming and tried to pull away since i did not have permission to release. She was not interested in that, She wanted me to cum and keep up a conversation at the same time.

Well, it didn't take look before i got very close and i gestured to Her to ask permission and She nodded 'Yes'. i came hard but struggled to maintain a level speaking voice and remain focused enough to keep up my part of the conversation.

This was a new type of Domination from Mistress. i know She enjoys making Her subs squirm, but this was an interesting and hot challenge. Ultimately, like most subs, i am putty in my Mistress' hands. Nothing but Her little puppet to do with as She wishes. And i wouldn't have it any other way.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Sweet Taste of Her Nectar

You may have read lately that Mistress is getting back to Her old self, which in turn makes me more submissive. It is definitely a symbiotic relationship, as i imagine it is for most in a D/s relationship.

Mistress spent a good part of the weekend commanding servicing of Her pussy and multiple orgasms. As always, i am eager to serve and very excited about Mistress' re-surging sexuality. One of the highlights of the weekend came when She had me lick Her pussy. i think my heart skipped a beat since it had been so long since She had allowed me to taste Her juices. Just the thought of it makes my cock hard. i have been longing to lick Her to orgasm for a long time but life has been in the way and had not lent to Her wanting my services. This weekend was different and i was a happy sub to serve.

Between using Her favorite vibrator on Her eager pussy and licking Her clit, i managed to please Her several times. What i wasn't expecting was for Her to bring out Her favorite toy, the E-stim cock band. If you are not familiar with any of the electro-sex toys, You may want to introduce Your Mistress to them.

After trying several times to get it on, Mistress took over and strapped me up. After getting all the straps in place and putting the special gel lube on, She was on Her way. She was manipulating me and Her cock with each turn and tweak of the dial. The ultimate control toy. Like remote control sub. Only this time, She has a remote to your cock. i know She gets off on watching me squirm with it. Unlike sucking or stroking, She can edge up the intensity in very small increments and control my pain(or pleasure).

She didn't tease for long, probably because She knew it had been a long time and i was already bursting at the seams. When She did, it was an amazing orgasm. It must have lasted for 30-50 seconds of constant release. I groaned for the entire time of the orgasm and could not believe how amazing She was. Afterwards, i could tell how pleased She was and that the night's events were still bouncing around in Her head, so i was to assist with several more of Her orgasms before turning in for the night.

So between the taste of Her delicious pussy on my face and mouth and the amazing climax Mistress allowed me, i consider myself a lucky sub and excited for the way things seem to be turning around in O/our D/s life.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Formspring me:Do you ever feel ashamed of your submissiveness?

Formspring Question:Do you ever feel ashamed of your submissiveness? The reason i ask is i am a submissive seeking a Dominant Woman and sometimes ( especially after orgasm) i have these feelings of shame springing im sure from the societal norm of the strong male figure.

i am actually proud of my submissiveness. i occasionally drop hints in my "vanilla life" that Mistress in charge. i really wish i could be even more open about it, but that won't happen any time soon. Frequently when i bring it up(of course in a very vanilla context), i usually sense a feeling of jealousy from any women i am around that their partner was not that way.

On the other hand, after orgasm i do feel ashamed if Mistress has not cum or been pleasured. i do feel very lucky that She will allow me to release on occasion and that She enjoys it(and it's Her will). But at the same time, i feel that my release should come last and i am ashamed that i am not able to please Her longer with Her cock.

i hope i answered Your question.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

FORUMS!! Discuss!

i was inspired by a couple of other blogs who have added forums to their blog. Please note the link to the right to my new Forums page. Join, read, write, discuss.

Getting back in the saddle

This weekend was a significant day in that Mistress was feeling Dominant and sexual after a long dry spell. She woke me up with the stroking of Her cock and a quick(very quick) ride on it. Having gone a long while without release has lead to an even more sensitive trigger on Her cock. i know it wasn't satisfying for Her but it was a good sign that things were looking up from this summer.

The following day Mistress had taken the opportunity several times to masturbate to orgasm. She even included me in the process for a third one. As an added treat, She allowed me to shave Her pussy clean. I was very turned on, not only by being able to touch it but the possibility of more chances to pleasure Her. Her shaving inspired me to shave my body after a long hiatus.

It's all baby steps, but at least it movement in a forward direction.

Friday, September 3, 2010

formpring me: slap my face

Is this a question or request? i think You may be asking the wrong person. The correct person to ask would be Mistress. As a matter of fact, She would most likely be happy to oblige and proceed with more extreme beatings.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not Dead Yet!

It has been a while since i have posted. The last time i commented i was excited for a full week of childless time with Mistress. i am sad to say it did not end up being much of anything super exciting. Mistress and i enjoyed time together without being interrupted and being able to come and go as W/we wanted but not much beyond that.

You see, this summer has been very difficult for O/our D/s life due to the stress of me trying to find a full time job. This has been a process since March and has carried over through the entire summer. i am pleased to let you know that i just managed to get a full time job, but the relief of that stress brings upon new stress of trying to find a new place to move to so the drive will not be so bad. These are all good things but have definitely taken the wind out of O/our D/s relationship.

i hope to report back to you soon with more exiting updates and thoughts. It looks like W/we have been able to lock down on a house(sadly no basement for a dungeon).

Keep hanging with U/us. Like every relationship, it ebbs and flows.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Formspring:if I want a spanking what do I do

Are you asking what you would need to do to get a spanking from my Mistress? Most likely anything disrespectful or belligerent could get you a good ass beating. As far as getting a spanking in general, i am not sure. It really depends on your Mistress and Her temperament.

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Formspring: Has your wife/mistress ever had you stand in the corner for punishment?

Not at of yet. Mistress as not used that as a form of punishment. i am sure it is mainly due to the fact that W/we have children around and there really isn't a proper opportunity for Her to place me there as She would like.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

True 24/7 for a week!!

Tomorrow evening, Mistress and i drop off O/our child at camp for the week. That is sleep away camp!!! Needless to say, i am very excited to spend true extended 24/7 D/s time with Mistress. i am already seeing sparks of it throughout this week as She would say something or smile in that sexy evil way.

i have no idea what She has in mind for U/us but i am excited to serve. i am excited that there will not be any interruptions to O/our day(as She doesn't work in the summer and i do not have a job yet). This will be the first time there will have been such an extended time together. In the past W/we have had a day or two, but never a whole week. i already know She plans on keeping me naked(or at least close to it). i can assume that servicing will be regular and constant. i am sure to have a workout this week(if i am allowed).

There are so many possibilities. W/we have discussed finally recording O/our first podcast on Femdom. i am also sure i will be posting a bunch this week as the week progresses. Who knows, maybe even a couple of videos. So W/we will see. Either way, it's exciting.

i am sure Her long term goal is that is bleeds over into O/our life even when O/our daughter comes back. i desire that too, as life's events have a tendency to get in the way and interrupt O/our D/s flow.

So stay tuned, it looks to be a exciting week.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Even Futurama is getting in on it

i about choked on my dinner when i saw the return of Futurama after 7 years. i thought i would share. Wait for it at the very end of the clip.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Formspring-But do you WANT to be disciplined in front of others?

i do have a fantasy of serving Mistress and "being myself" in front of other folks of like mind. i do not desire or enjoy public humiliation in the vanilla world. It becomes problematic with O/our jobs and the people that W/we are involved with in O/our vanilla life to do something like that. But thoughts of playing and serving outside to comfort of O/our bedroom and home is definitely on the fantasy list.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Formspring-Have you ever been disciplined in front of others?

i have not. i am sure there have been many times that Mistress has expressed Her disapproval of something in public, but never disciplined....yet.

**Update-Mistress has reminded me of different times at O/our business when She would slap my face or pinch my nipples. This usually happened in front of O/our employees(who were kind of in on it). She also has verbally disciplined me in public at times also. As far as "in a play setting", not yet. W/we have not found folks that W/we feel comfortable with to play with at this time.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

W/we won a prize!!

This is truly exciting!! i usually do not win anything. Mistress usually is the winner of many contests and prizes. i cannot take complete credit for the award becuase even though it is my blog, it would not exist without Mistress and Her insight and direction. For that, i am forever grateful.

So it seems we have been put on the "Best of" list on It is great that the blog has been noticed and i hope it will ultimately bring more folks to the site and increase the level of dialog going on. i can't help but be inspired to put some more time and work into it now that it has gotten some attention. Fortunately, i have some time coming up with summer break and a week of "no kids" with Mistress and i at home 24/7. So that should lead to some good posts and juicy stories. i have already stated working on some other posts leading up to it, so stay tuned. Maybe, if time allows, Mistress and i will be able to put out O/our first podcast. W/we will see.

None the less, i am honored to be among some of the other blogs featured on that list. Good ol' Obasso's HNT and View from the Back Row, Gloria Brame, Mystress Lady Evyl, and not to mention sex writer/educator superstar, Violet Blue. To be on the same list as Violet Blue is really an honor. i am not sure if i am honored or if She would be disappointed, LOL. Check these sites out. There are some that are new to me, but they all look really good.

Thanks again. BTW-Keep sending the questions.!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Project?

Now that there is time for some "honey-do's"(more like "do-it-bitch", LOL)this summer i was trying to come up with a couple of things to get done around the house.

i came across this video from some other like minded folks. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Formspring #1-Did you or your wife start this lifestyle?

It turned out to be a mutual discovery. W/we were having problems in the bedroom and after a long discussion about my inability to initiate intimate time between U/us, i told Mistress i wanted Her to take control. That led to reading and discovering the world of D/s. One of the funniest memories was being in Barnes and Noble and Mistress opening up a book on BDSM and showing me a picture of a sub all tied up and bound. i reacted with a violent "No!! That's not what i want!" The truth was, i didn't know what i wanted. It seems so funny in retrospect now that W/we have moved so far past it.

After exploring the bedroom side of D/s, Mistress discovered it was something She desired also. So W/we moved to a 24/7 relationship, with the beginning of it starting when She put on my metal collar after being away for a week on a business trip. The rest is history

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ask U/us anything!!

Taking a page off of a blog i follow, Hornynecouple, i decided to also join up with to allow readers to ask questions. i have had the meebo chat up from time to time but have only had a few folks take advantage of it while i was on. This way you can ask ANY question ANYTIME! You can ask in the box to the right or go here:

i will post selected questions and answers throughout. ASK AWAY!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Need a New Chastity Device-Pt 1

The other name for this post could be "Big balls, small penis, and Hank Hill".

Lately, i have been thinking about things that would spark that D/s level up notch for U/us and i keep coming back to looking at chastity devices. The need for such a device is not because i cannot be trusted with Her cock. Instead, it is about submitting and giving complete control to Mistress of Her cock. i submitted control of my cock to Her for one of our anniversaries with a CB-3000.

W/we have had varied success with the CB-3000. When i first bought it, one of the pins broke and i ended up drilling both of them out and replacing them with metal ones. That made it last longer but also put strain on the plastic. That led to the cage breaking within the past year. Fortunately enough, when it first broke i called and they sent a replacement, so i actually have a backup. That takes me to this post.

One of the problems i had with the device is that the hinge on the big ring would rub up against my balls and cause some irritation. That meant interruptions in the length of time i was in the cage. In addition, my penis has a bad habit of shrinking up(smaller than it already is) and slipping out. So, i have come to the conclusion that the Cb-3000 is too long for me.

So now i am left with a plan some sort of plan of action to try to make the spare cb-3000 work or get another device. After doing some extensive research, i found that there are many more options now than when the cb-3000 first came out. It seems i would need to find a cage that is smaller if i was to replace the cb-3000.

To make the Cb-3000 really work, i would either need a Prince Albert piercing or some sort of rigging to tether my cock to the end of the cage. Mistress even purchased a Prince's Wand that did not require a PA piercing but found that the rod was too large for my "narrow urethra". W/we even used sounds to try to widen it but the largest i could get was a Fr 13. And since there isn't any other Prince's Wands with that narrow diameter, it is ruled out. Looking at the PA is still a possibility but not a step Mistress want me to take yet. So the final idea i had was a glans ring placed tightly behind the head attached to a chain with a lock to prevent any shrinkage/pull out.

This is a picture of a similar hookup from Hers Forever

Next post, purchase a new device.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Right off Primetime TV

Saw this last night on the first night of "America's Got Talent". Seems Howie and Piers liked it a lot. wink wink. Again, Femdom/Kink seems to be moving more and more mainstream.

Here is what Maricar does for her day job

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Two incidents occurred that brought this post to mind. One was of the the post on one of the blogs i follow, King Unleashed. The other was some intimate time Mistress and i a week or so ago.

Elle over at Kink Unleashed wrote about the definition of fellatio and Her feelings on the subject. She also addressed Her boy toy's thoughts on the matter. i would have to say that i agree with BT(Boy Toy) and feel that receiving fellatio feels wrong. It is degrading the person giving it. i feel guilty receiving it since She is pleasuring me with Her mouth where it should be me that is uncomfortable and pleasuring Her. Do not get me wrong, it feels great! The times i am fortunate enough to be given such a gift by Mistress, i love it. But at the same time i feel guilty. That it is an act usually reserved for the vanilla folks or the male Dominant couples. i do understand at the same time that if She did not want to do it, She wouldn't. i also understand that She may be doing it for Her own pleasure. And this is Her choice. But sometimes i cannot help but be in conflict with myself partaking in an activity that is usually for the purpose to please the Mistress or humiliate the sub. it has been engrained that sucking cock is a job for the bitch.

The second time is this past weekend when Mistress felt i had earned some pleasuring and was incapacitated by a recent injury. This meant that She couldn't use one of Her hands like She normally does. Instead, She decided to use Her luscious mouth. And oh, did it feel good. i think She stopped and moved to Her other hand because She knows me and knows how quick i can cum when it "feels really good".

i cannot deny loving the feeling of Mistress' mouth and tongue on my little cock. But at the same time feel bad for taking on such a pleasure. i guess that is why when it happens, it is truely a gift that should not be taken for granted.

Brush with The Real World

Well, today was the first time in a while that aspects of O/our D/s relationship met with a stranger in the vanilla world. Mistress and i had to be in the big city in the federal building to for a meeting about O/our finances and O/our business. Surprisingly, W/we had considered the possible problem of getting through security with my metal anklets on. Unfortunately, W/we couldn't locate the tool needed to remove them in time to leave. i figured that since i had already been through airport security with my metal collar without as much as a whisper that today would not be any different. Well, it seems the feds have better security than the airlines.

W/we got there and just as W/we were to go through W/we were stopped and told no cell phones. O/our attorney immediately appeared right behind U/us and offered to take them in. Needless to say, that was also a no-no. So i sent Mistress in and walked back to the parking garage to put O/our phones in the car. When i returned everything was fine sending my stuff through. That was, until i had to walk through and the sensor went off. The gentleman waved his wand over my body without any problem and sent me through again. Buzz!!! He then had me remove my watch. Buzz!!! So i figured, what did i have to lose. i told them i think i may know what may be setting it off. i then rolled down my socks to show my metal anklets. The nice guy asked me if i could remove them in which i told him "Not easily" He chuckled and asked if they were welded on.

Surprisingly enough, that was it. i guess either they have seen it all or had no idea on how to react. i think as time goes on and i get older, i am worrying less and less what other people think and ready to face these confrontations head on.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Steps

"Rome was not built in a day"

It seems that things are slowly starting to take shape and head back in the right direction. i am sure feeling like i have a steady handle on my new job has helped. Also, i cannot ignore the getting back into my proper role(body shaving, working around the house, pleasing Mistress) has helped things. i have said it in previous posts, but the 'ritual' of being a sub is important in that it keeps me in that state of mind regularly. When i get lazy and don't do those things, it keeps my mind off of Mistress and my responsibilities to Her. But when i do just one of my tasks, it tends to snowball into desiring to do other things for Mistress. Ultimately, this leads me to thinking of other ways i can please and service Her. i can almost taste it.

O/our friends, Domina and anthony, who took a break from their D/s relationship are back and strong once again. Even more exciting is their engagement. Mistress and i are so happy for them. Their renewed vigor has also been a inspiration in the prior dry spell.

So things are under way. i must admit that i am a little excited for some 1 on 1 time this July when O/our daughter goes away to camp for a week. i look forward to that time when i can service Mistress the way She ultimately wants to be served.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

houseboi no longer

It was short lived. my time as houseboi was cut short by a positive thing, but still one that came with consequences. i was really looking forward to spending a large amount of time at home keeping the house nice and thinking of all things i can do for Mistress. This time was shortened by a job offer that became available and i really couldn't turn down. The pay wasn't great but it got me back into the original field i was in before W/we took over the business.

If You follow my blog You know that i am not very good at change. This employment change was a big one and has led to my slacking on my responsibilities at home and for Mistress. By no means was this anyone's fault other than my own. i stopped body shaving. i stopped washing Mistress' panties by hand. i haven't done Her nails. i haven't even posted like i should. Although i was aware of this in the back of my mind, it kept being pushed away by the other things going on in O/our life (new job and closing the business). Mistress has been very kind to me regarding my lack of attentiveness. i know She understood what was going on and was cutting me some slack. She even allowed me to cum a couple of times even though i did not deserve it. Again, as always, i know i am a lucky boi to have such a kind and understanding Mistress. She has even been picking up more responsibilities on Her end to help us get through this time. This is way above and beyond what i deserve.

So after a decent weekend of rest it is time to pick myself up and step up to the plate and show Mistress i deserve such a wonderful Woman. None of this has been Her fault. She has been kind and gentle all the while dealing with Her own demons at work and school. As a matter of fact, Mistress hasn't even made a big deal about my laziness but instead more gentle. i am indeed lucky.

Time to get going, work on the house, Mistress, and the family. She has picked up the slack long enough. Now that i have my rhythm in a flow, now is the time to insert my Mistress at the top of the list, where She belongs.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Working on becoming houseboi

W/we officially closed the doors on O/our business last Friday and one of the things i was looking forward to the most was being home and available for Mistress throughout the day. i find getting the house looking nice for Her and running errands for Her always makes me more submissive and happy that i am running around for Her.

Unfortunately, the week has not really allowed for me to be home much at all. Between getting things finished up at the business uninterrupted and trying to earn some side money to help make up for the lack of income from the business, it has left little time at home. i did get to enjoy a wonderful day with Mistress as She took off work for Her Dr.'s appointment and O/our appointment with the attorney. Though this is not the way i would choose to spend the day with Mistress, i enjoyed O/our time together immensely and look forward to other days like this in the future without the stressful appointments.

So now it's Thursday and i think this may be the first opportunity i may have to spend some time at home getting things in order. i will be also focusing on different ways that i can submit to Mistress while W/we are apart and i am at home throughout the day. No matter what, it is exciting to be looking at spending some quality time really focusing on Mistress and the family.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Femdom in the Mainstream II

Yet again, i have seen two incidents of Femdom in the mainstream. Both, in a unlikely place. The first was a show on NPR called All Things Considered. They have been doing regular reports about the internet at age 40. Last weekend they highlighted the pink elephant in the room, sex. In the episode(here), they interviewed the CEO of, Peter Acworth. Though this is not directly Femdom, many of the readers are aware that hosts a multitude of kink lifestyle sites, including Mistress' favorite, Men In Pain. i was kind of surprised considering all of the websites out there and their owners to speak to that they headed right to the area of kink. It seems that the area of kink and Femdom is creeping in little by little, each time.

The other incident was on another show on NPR called, Fresh Aire. In this episode(here), Terry Gross interviews a former professional Dominatrix, Melissa Febos. This particular reference was more directly Femdom and She shared Her experiences as a Pro-Domme for four years. Mistress and i enjoyed sitting down and listening to this insightful interview. Not surprising, is how intelligent She is. Having an extensive higher education background and a job teaching at a college.

i love running into these little blips in O/our mainstream life as they become, slowly, part of everyone's daily life.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brace for Impact!

It has been a while since i have put up anything here. i apologize to my readers and to Mistress, as She expects a minimum of a weekly post. Unfortunately, i have let the stress of O/our failing business get in the way of my responsibilities to Mistress. Needless to say, i received the punishment i deserved. A good ass beating. Mistress knows that i do not like it(i am not a pain slut) but i do relish the fact that She enjoys giving a good spanking. And that makes me happy. She got me good this time. She sometimes hold back a little knowing how much i whine about the pain. But i got what i deserved and i plan to do better. Here is the evidence of said spanking:

Since my last posting i have made note of a trend in Mistress' orgasms. It seems that since O/our intimate time has been diminished more by the work load, that when Mistress does get time to have an orgasm, they are big. i mean big. Full body twitch and head thrashing. And it is hot!! But one of the problems that arises is that She usually doesn't have Herself in a good position when this happens so Her head is usually resting on the headboard. This leads to massive smacking of the back of Her head on the headboard. She doesn't seem to mind when it is happening but afterwards it usually leaves Her sore. i have been trying to make sure that when i am allowed to be present for these sessions and i am asked to assist, that i put my hand in between Her head and the headboard. This even occurred during a hot moment in the shower together and She ended up wacking up against the tile. Ouch!! All i know is that i need to be more attentive so that i can be included in these sessions so as to prevent Her from hurting herself. But all i can say is, She is hot!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Femdom in the Mainstream

It seems that Femdom is showing it's presence in mainstream life more and more everyday. Mistress and i have discussed may a time about the public' fascination with BDSM. i sometimes think that is what it is, but sometimes i think that the creative folks have run out of ideas that are titillating but passable enough to make it past censors so it can be on television or the theatre. But it definitely seems folks are very curious about the lifestyle and what makes people do it.

Most recently i stumbled upon a old high school friend's Facebook post about being fitted for a dominatrix outfit. Of course it caught my eye and then i remembered Her involvement in a local theatre and that She was to play a Dominatrix in the local production of "Communicating Doors". i also noticed a post by one of Her friends to a New Yorker magazine review of a new play on Broadway called "Venus in Fur".

"Venus in Fur" is a play based on the novel "Venus in Furs" by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Both the play and the novel are unfamiliar to me but have definitely piqued my interest. In brief exploration of the novel, it is evident this is true Femdom, as per the wikipedia post. i don't know if Mistress and i will get the chance to travel up to NYC to see it, but it does look thought provoking.

Again, this is another example of BDSM, Femdom, and D/s coming out of the shadows and into the light of mainstream life.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Will it Fuck?-Episode 1

Mistress and i have been discussing filming some of O/our playtime together. This was inspired by my post here where i shared a video of a Mistress having Her sub fuck a artificial pussy since he was no longer allowed to put his cock inside of Her. i thought it was a good idea as a form of practice for orgasm control(of which i have little). Mistress had a different take on it. She thought it would be fun to see how many different things i could be humiliated by being told to fuck. This idea was also inspired by O/our friends at The Path Least Chosen by having anthony fuck a teddy bear. So now trips to Wal-Mart had a whole new meaning.

My creative take on it was to mix it up with what Mistress had assigned with another video which advertises a blender in which they put anything they think of and try to blend it here. So with all of that, here is the first installment of: Will it Fuck?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Up and Down

2010 has begun with a roller coaster in O/our household. As many of you know Mistress and i had some play time right at the beginning of the year and are probably waiting for the first installment of O/our first video. i am waiting for approval from Mistress and then W/we will post it up for Your enjoyment(and my embarrassment).

The new year has also brought a new sub into Mistress' life. She has been chatting with him very regularly and spending a good amount of time dominating him that way. On the domestic side, O/our business has gone through an upheaval of sorts and i have had to spend many hours working trying to get things running in a more efficient manner. Mistress has also taken on the responsibility in addition to Her other roles to help me with it. This has left very little quality time together but W/we are hoping that it will lead to a better financial status by this time next year.

Last night, Mistress was up chatting with Her sub till the wee hours of the morning and came to bed. i am not one to wake up in the middle of the night, even if there is a noise or such. This time was different in that She came to bed completely naked with Her beautiful body up against my already naked self. The combination of Her skin on mine and the orgasm denial approaching 3 weeks woke me up. Although W/we didn't do anything, i truly enjoyed pressing my body up against Her beautiful curves. i am sure i am extra sensitive since it has been a while since W/we have been physical in any way. Normally i am not that sensitive to theses kind of events as extra stress of work and family push those feelings away. i first noticed this trend when Mistress was feeling better and She had me get on my knees in front of Her in the kitchen. i could feel the bulge in my pants grow just by having Her do that. It is amazing how much you realize you miss it when it goes on the back burner.

i am hoping that as things improve the two of U/us have more quality time together and that i may have the opportunity to pleasure Her in the near future.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

At Home Vacation Getaway(Pt 2)

Everything went black when Mistress placed the blindfold on me. She then rattled through O/our cabinet to find what She was looking for. When She found what She was looking for, She said "I would like to try out my birthday present. i wasn't sure which one She was referring to, but as soon as She had me open my mouth i knew exactly what was on Her mind.

She slid a wide tip of a dildo in my mouth. She then instructed me to suck on it like a good bitch. i gladly obliged and sucked on Her new toy. She would sensually slide it in and out of my mouth, each time moaning and enjoying the show before Her. When She was done prepping my mouth, She took it out and told me She was going to put the large cock in Her eagerly awaiting pussy. Not like the small cock i Had. i couldn't see what She was doing but by the way the bed moved, i could tell She laid down next to me. i could also hear the wet slurping of Her new cock, sliding in and out of Her pussy. i stopped hearing that when the moans of Her orgasm grew louder and louder, drowning out the noise of the pounding dildo. She climaxed loudly, taking full advantage of the empty house. i knew She wouldn't be finished. i know Mistress better than that. Once She gets going, She cannot help herself to the buffet of orgasms at Her disposal.

i then felt the small penis in my mouth again. This time, with the harness attached to it. i could feel the weight of the dildo on the other side of it as She tightened up the straps around my head. After getting everything set, She climbed up, lowering Her pussy on top of the dildo. If i thought i could hear Her wetness before, now i had a front row seat. Mistress then raised and lowered Her pussy onto my face, sliding the large cock into Her eager pussy. i am sure the thought of fucking me without touching Her cock turned Her on.

It wasn't long at all before She was ready to cum again. This time, i assisted Her by thrusting my head upwards into Her mound, helping Her get the fucking She deserved by a cock worthy of the privilege. This time, Her screams were deafening, as She bounced up and down on my face while i bobbed upwards.

After a small break from Her explosive orgasm, She told me it was time for me to fuck my new girlfriend of the night. If you have read a previous post where i linked to a video of a submissive fucking a fake pussy for his Mistress, then you will understand where the next thing came from. i did not expect what came out of that post. See, after reading that post, Mistress got an idea. Instead of fucking a fake pussy, She would come up with other things to defile. Now a trip to Wal-Mart had a whole new meaning. Which lead me to the next post about a series of videos i will be presenting. Tune in soon

Thursday, January 7, 2010

You May Want to Clear Your Schedule

Saw this preview of an upcoming Law & Order:SVU episode scheduled for 9/8c on Wednesday. I think the preview speaks for itself

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

At Home Vacation Getaway

Last Saturday W/we managed to make arrangements for O/our children so that W/we could have a quiet evening along before everyone went back to the work/school. So after dropping off the children, i returned home for a intimate evening with Mistress without disturbances.

When i returned home, Mistress had gotten in from doing a little shopping to prep Herself up for a impromptu photo session to try to obtain some high quality pictures of Herself for Her blog and profiles. Now, Mistress is always beautiful, but She looked stunning. W/we had just gone shopping for some new clothes that would flatter her already beautiful body. Several times throughout the shoot, i noticed Her cock getting hard. W/we would take some pictures and then take a break to look at them. Each time, She was getting more and more sexy. i made sure i was in my private attire(collar, black jock strap) so that it would promote Her dominance.

Afterwards, W/we had a nice quiet evening together having dinner and watching some television. When dinner was finished, i was instructed to go clean and prep the bedroom. After a little while of cleaning, Mistress came in and instructed me to get on my back on the bed. She then attached cuffs to both wrists and hooked them to each bedpost spread wide. My ankles were hitched together. After insuring i was tightly locked down, She went back to Her cabinet to get a blindfold. Needless to say, i was in heaven. This is my favorite position to be in. Bound and blindfolded. When She put the blindfold on everything went black. She then......(to be continued)