Sunday, May 3, 2009

Neglecting Mistress

It has taken me longer than i had planned to get around to posting recently. It seems that life has taken a toll on both Mistress and me. i can only speak for myself, but i have not been in my "sub space" much this week. i have neglected some of my duties and responsibilities around the house. This has not been any fault other than my own. The day to day demands of work and family sometimes take a toll on other "things". That other "thing" being O/our D/s relationship.

Currently, Mistress and i work together and are rarely apart. The week prior, Mistress had been doing a lot of work on Her degree at home and working on some other job opportunities which has led to U/Us spending time apart. i feel like it resulted in a renewed fondness for each other. i do not consciously think about this but it is evident that it directly effects O/our relationship. Several years ago W/we thought working together would be the best for both of U/us. my prior job kept me away from home and out late in weekdays and weekends. Somehow, i think W/we went the other extreme where W/we spend every waking moment together.

Do not get me wrong. i love being with Mistress all the time, but i think W/we have a difficult time juggling O/our work relationship in conjunction with O/our home relationship. Each of U/us reacts differently to the stress of the day. So what happens is that when W/we get home there is nothing new to share(or maybe even better, leave at work) about O/our day. Sometimes work creeps right on in and remains until W/we go to bed. This is very unfortunate and Mistress does not deserve this. This is why i think Her pursuits of another job will ultimately be better for O/our relationship.

When the day comes for Mistress to move to another job, i will be sad. i love waking up with Her. i love riding to work with Her. i love doing everything i can for Her at work. i love hearing Her ideas, thoughts, and feelings about work. i love working together with a common goal. i love that most of the time O/our day ends together. i will miss all of that. But, i will be glad that She will have something that will not be effected by me and will lead to Her growing more and more confident as my Domme.

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