Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Writing is on the Wall

Actually, the pavement.

With the past two weeks or so of very heavy posts i thought i would share something that made me chuckle. It is particularly poignant since it still applies to my recent situations of neglect of Mistress.

The above sign is a symbol used by hobos, drawn on the pavement or sidewalk in front of people's house. There is apparently an entire dictionary of symbols used for all types of warnings. Some mean "Unsafe place" or "Get Out Fast" or "Man with Gun" The above symbol means:

"A beating awaits you here"

Somehow i think that it probably applies to me(rightfully) and to some of my past behavior recently(more about that in another post). But, it also makes me chuckle a little and gives me a little smile. Just like when you fill out those forms online and You push the button that says "Submit".

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