Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another Taste of Mistress

Last weekend Mistress allowed me to give Her another one of my full body massages. Even though She wasn't in a particularly sexual mood, it did lead to some intimate time and another opportunity to pleasure Her.

As it does most times, i started with a good long back rub. As i worked down Her back i rubbed and worked out the kinks in Mistress' lover thighs and legs. Of course Mistress was not going to let me forget to massage Her beautiful butt cheeks. After kneading and working the stress out of Her posterior muscles, i was instructed to massage Her inner thighs. Knowing where i was going to be near was all i needed for Her cock to get hard. In the process of massaging the insides of Her legs, i would brush up against Her lips and outer area around Her pussy. It wasn't long before Mistress was moaning and writing around to get Her hips up higher so that i could pleasure Her more effectively. My mouth was watering with the possibility of tasting Her. So after a little bit of manual stimulation, i put my eager tongue on Her protruding anus. This got a positive reaction which encouraged me to delve in more vigorously and more passion. While i was giving oral to Her ass She had me grab Her Hitachi Magic wand that She placed up against Her wetness. Before long She decided it was time for Her to flip over and have me finger Her ass while She continued the use of Her vibrator. Between Her help and myself, W/we were able to stimulate Her clit with the wand while i had one finger in Her ass and another in Her pussy. Triple Stimulation!! i particularly tried to massage the shared wall between the pussy and anus by rubbing back and forth. Mistress came hard not long afterwards.

Mistress then reminded me that i had not massaged Her front yet. Being eager to please, i got out the cocoa butter and massaged Her front, breasts, stomach and front thighs while She went for round two with Mr. Hitachi. Between the breast massage and the vibrator it wasn't long before She came again. i was a happy and hard sub.

Mistress then asked me if i wanted to cum. My answer was "No, i just want to please You" At first She didn't believe me, but it was what i really desired. Of course i "wanted" to cum but the desire to pleasure Her was much higher on my list and i felt very satisfied knowing that i pleased Her. What i didn't want was for Mistress to have me cum just to have the release. i want to cum only when Mistress wants or desires to make me do that. i think that is the most true "sub space" i have experienced lately. So i was excused to leave with a hard on and a smile on my face due to a job well done.


  1. This sounds so sensual and so hot. Glad to hear about it!

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