Monday, June 28, 2010

Even Futurama is getting in on it

i about choked on my dinner when i saw the return of Futurama after 7 years. i thought i would share. Wait for it at the very end of the clip.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Formspring-But do you WANT to be disciplined in front of others?

i do have a fantasy of serving Mistress and "being myself" in front of other folks of like mind. i do not desire or enjoy public humiliation in the vanilla world. It becomes problematic with O/our jobs and the people that W/we are involved with in O/our vanilla life to do something like that. But thoughts of playing and serving outside to comfort of O/our bedroom and home is definitely on the fantasy list.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Formspring-Have you ever been disciplined in front of others?

i have not. i am sure there have been many times that Mistress has expressed Her disapproval of something in public, but never disciplined....yet.

**Update-Mistress has reminded me of different times at O/our business when She would slap my face or pinch my nipples. This usually happened in front of O/our employees(who were kind of in on it). She also has verbally disciplined me in public at times also. As far as "in a play setting", not yet. W/we have not found folks that W/we feel comfortable with to play with at this time.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

W/we won a prize!!

This is truly exciting!! i usually do not win anything. Mistress usually is the winner of many contests and prizes. i cannot take complete credit for the award becuase even though it is my blog, it would not exist without Mistress and Her insight and direction. For that, i am forever grateful.

So it seems we have been put on the "Best of" list on It is great that the blog has been noticed and i hope it will ultimately bring more folks to the site and increase the level of dialog going on. i can't help but be inspired to put some more time and work into it now that it has gotten some attention. Fortunately, i have some time coming up with summer break and a week of "no kids" with Mistress and i at home 24/7. So that should lead to some good posts and juicy stories. i have already stated working on some other posts leading up to it, so stay tuned. Maybe, if time allows, Mistress and i will be able to put out O/our first podcast. W/we will see.

None the less, i am honored to be among some of the other blogs featured on that list. Good ol' Obasso's HNT and View from the Back Row, Gloria Brame, Mystress Lady Evyl, and not to mention sex writer/educator superstar, Violet Blue. To be on the same list as Violet Blue is really an honor. i am not sure if i am honored or if She would be disappointed, LOL. Check these sites out. There are some that are new to me, but they all look really good.

Thanks again. BTW-Keep sending the questions.!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Project?

Now that there is time for some "honey-do's"(more like "do-it-bitch", LOL)this summer i was trying to come up with a couple of things to get done around the house.

i came across this video from some other like minded folks. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Formspring #1-Did you or your wife start this lifestyle?

It turned out to be a mutual discovery. W/we were having problems in the bedroom and after a long discussion about my inability to initiate intimate time between U/us, i told Mistress i wanted Her to take control. That led to reading and discovering the world of D/s. One of the funniest memories was being in Barnes and Noble and Mistress opening up a book on BDSM and showing me a picture of a sub all tied up and bound. i reacted with a violent "No!! That's not what i want!" The truth was, i didn't know what i wanted. It seems so funny in retrospect now that W/we have moved so far past it.

After exploring the bedroom side of D/s, Mistress discovered it was something She desired also. So W/we moved to a 24/7 relationship, with the beginning of it starting when She put on my metal collar after being away for a week on a business trip. The rest is history

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ask U/us anything!!

Taking a page off of a blog i follow, Hornynecouple, i decided to also join up with to allow readers to ask questions. i have had the meebo chat up from time to time but have only had a few folks take advantage of it while i was on. This way you can ask ANY question ANYTIME! You can ask in the box to the right or go here:

i will post selected questions and answers throughout. ASK AWAY!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Need a New Chastity Device-Pt 1

The other name for this post could be "Big balls, small penis, and Hank Hill".

Lately, i have been thinking about things that would spark that D/s level up notch for U/us and i keep coming back to looking at chastity devices. The need for such a device is not because i cannot be trusted with Her cock. Instead, it is about submitting and giving complete control to Mistress of Her cock. i submitted control of my cock to Her for one of our anniversaries with a CB-3000.

W/we have had varied success with the CB-3000. When i first bought it, one of the pins broke and i ended up drilling both of them out and replacing them with metal ones. That made it last longer but also put strain on the plastic. That led to the cage breaking within the past year. Fortunately enough, when it first broke i called and they sent a replacement, so i actually have a backup. That takes me to this post.

One of the problems i had with the device is that the hinge on the big ring would rub up against my balls and cause some irritation. That meant interruptions in the length of time i was in the cage. In addition, my penis has a bad habit of shrinking up(smaller than it already is) and slipping out. So, i have come to the conclusion that the Cb-3000 is too long for me.

So now i am left with a plan some sort of plan of action to try to make the spare cb-3000 work or get another device. After doing some extensive research, i found that there are many more options now than when the cb-3000 first came out. It seems i would need to find a cage that is smaller if i was to replace the cb-3000.

To make the Cb-3000 really work, i would either need a Prince Albert piercing or some sort of rigging to tether my cock to the end of the cage. Mistress even purchased a Prince's Wand that did not require a PA piercing but found that the rod was too large for my "narrow urethra". W/we even used sounds to try to widen it but the largest i could get was a Fr 13. And since there isn't any other Prince's Wands with that narrow diameter, it is ruled out. Looking at the PA is still a possibility but not a step Mistress want me to take yet. So the final idea i had was a glans ring placed tightly behind the head attached to a chain with a lock to prevent any shrinkage/pull out.

This is a picture of a similar hookup from Hers Forever

Next post, purchase a new device.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Right off Primetime TV

Saw this last night on the first night of "America's Got Talent". Seems Howie and Piers liked it a lot. wink wink. Again, Femdom/Kink seems to be moving more and more mainstream.

Here is what Maricar does for her day job