Tuesday, September 28, 2010

As seen by Mistress

Mistress spotted this pic and it made me laugh. i thought i would share

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Phone Orgasm

Yesterday was a great day. Mistress and i had made arrangements to meet friends to see Bruce Hornsby in concert which i was excited for. But the added bonus was that it led to Mistress getting dressed up in some new outfits She bought. She looked stunning! Mistress exuded sexiness as never before. The more Dominant She becomes, the hotter She gets. i am a lucky sub.

Another highlight of the day happened before W/we left. W/we had both taken advantage of being completely naked since O/our daughter was away staying at my mother-in-law's . W/we were both surfing online when my mother called to ask me some questions about her upcoming trip overseas. Mistress decided it would be fun to see Her little bitch squirm while i was on the phone, so She started to stroke Her cock. At first, it was unsuccessful since i was having a hard time getting it up with my mother on the phone. Undeterred, She stroked more vigorously to achieve the desired result. Sure enough, She had Her bitch's cock all hard and ready to go. Several times i got close to cumming and tried to pull away since i did not have permission to release. She was not interested in that, She wanted me to cum and keep up a conversation at the same time.

Well, it didn't take look before i got very close and i gestured to Her to ask permission and She nodded 'Yes'. i came hard but struggled to maintain a level speaking voice and remain focused enough to keep up my part of the conversation.

This was a new type of Domination from Mistress. i know She enjoys making Her subs squirm, but this was an interesting and hot challenge. Ultimately, like most subs, i am putty in my Mistress' hands. Nothing but Her little puppet to do with as She wishes. And i wouldn't have it any other way.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Sweet Taste of Her Nectar

You may have read lately that Mistress is getting back to Her old self, which in turn makes me more submissive. It is definitely a symbiotic relationship, as i imagine it is for most in a D/s relationship.

Mistress spent a good part of the weekend commanding servicing of Her pussy and multiple orgasms. As always, i am eager to serve and very excited about Mistress' re-surging sexuality. One of the highlights of the weekend came when She had me lick Her pussy. i think my heart skipped a beat since it had been so long since She had allowed me to taste Her juices. Just the thought of it makes my cock hard. i have been longing to lick Her to orgasm for a long time but life has been in the way and had not lent to Her wanting my services. This weekend was different and i was a happy sub to serve.

Between using Her favorite vibrator on Her eager pussy and licking Her clit, i managed to please Her several times. What i wasn't expecting was for Her to bring out Her favorite toy, the E-stim cock band. If you are not familiar with any of the electro-sex toys, You may want to introduce Your Mistress to them.

After trying several times to get it on, Mistress took over and strapped me up. After getting all the straps in place and putting the special gel lube on, She was on Her way. She was manipulating me and Her cock with each turn and tweak of the dial. The ultimate control toy. Like remote control sub. Only this time, She has a remote to your cock. i know She gets off on watching me squirm with it. Unlike sucking or stroking, She can edge up the intensity in very small increments and control my pain(or pleasure).

She didn't tease for long, probably because She knew it had been a long time and i was already bursting at the seams. When She did, it was an amazing orgasm. It must have lasted for 30-50 seconds of constant release. I groaned for the entire time of the orgasm and could not believe how amazing She was. Afterwards, i could tell how pleased She was and that the night's events were still bouncing around in Her head, so i was to assist with several more of Her orgasms before turning in for the night.

So between the taste of Her delicious pussy on my face and mouth and the amazing climax Mistress allowed me, i consider myself a lucky sub and excited for the way things seem to be turning around in O/our D/s life.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Formspring me:Do you ever feel ashamed of your submissiveness?

Formspring Question:Do you ever feel ashamed of your submissiveness? The reason i ask is i am a submissive seeking a Dominant Woman and sometimes ( especially after orgasm) i have these feelings of shame springing im sure from the societal norm of the strong male figure.

i am actually proud of my submissiveness. i occasionally drop hints in my "vanilla life" that Mistress in charge. i really wish i could be even more open about it, but that won't happen any time soon. Frequently when i bring it up(of course in a very vanilla context), i usually sense a feeling of jealousy from any women i am around that their partner was not that way.

On the other hand, after orgasm i do feel ashamed if Mistress has not cum or been pleasured. i do feel very lucky that She will allow me to release on occasion and that She enjoys it(and it's Her will). But at the same time, i feel that my release should come last and i am ashamed that i am not able to please Her longer with Her cock.

i hope i answered Your question.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

FORUMS!! Discuss!

i was inspired by a couple of other blogs who have added forums to their blog. Please note the link to the right to my new Forums page. Join, read, write, discuss.

Getting back in the saddle

This weekend was a significant day in that Mistress was feeling Dominant and sexual after a long dry spell. She woke me up with the stroking of Her cock and a quick(very quick) ride on it. Having gone a long while without release has lead to an even more sensitive trigger on Her cock. i know it wasn't satisfying for Her but it was a good sign that things were looking up from this summer.

The following day Mistress had taken the opportunity several times to masturbate to orgasm. She even included me in the process for a third one. As an added treat, She allowed me to shave Her pussy clean. I was very turned on, not only by being able to touch it but the possibility of more chances to pleasure Her. Her shaving inspired me to shave my body after a long hiatus.

It's all baby steps, but at least it movement in a forward direction.

Friday, September 3, 2010

formpring me: slap my face

Is this a question or request? i think You may be asking the wrong person. The correct person to ask would be Mistress. As a matter of fact, She would most likely be happy to oblige and proceed with more extreme beatings.

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