Saturday, May 26, 2012


Mistress told me 5 days ago to write a fantasy of mine on this blog in two days. Needless to say, i am behind. Mainly because i struggle to come up with my own ideas of what is hot and what "does it" for me. Like many subs, i derive my pleasure from pleasing Mistress. So trying to be creative and delve into my own head is a real difficult process. So i pondered ideas off and on and nothing really came to mind. So i decided that i have put it off long enough. i took some time and reviewed some of my posts over the years to see if something would spark my interest. And lo and behold, it did. i came across this post i did a while back and something about it stirs me inside. After some thought and reflection, here is my fantasy:

Mistress has become frustrated over the years with my ability to last for any length of time during lovemaking. My submission to Her does not mean She doesn't prefer a good fucking over most forms of pleasuring. Unfortunately, i have not been able to provide consistently in that department. She has even brought in another sub once to meet that need. i am hopeful that She may bring one with a extra long cock  so She can be fucked like She deserves to be fucked. But until that time, Mistress wants train me to be able to please Her with Her own(and always available) cock. i also deeply desire to be able to pleasure Her in such a way without climaxing the way other subs are able to do for their Domme. The other hurdle Mistress is dealing with is the sexual frustration of training me and the fact that i don't deserve Her pussy until i can control my orgasms. So under Her tutelage She will implement a plan that will most closely replicate fucking without the benefit of entering Her.

i come home from work to find the house quiet. i notice that the house seems unusually quiet and that my daughter is nowhere to be found. i walk over to the counter and find a note where i usually put my keys. It says:

"The house is empty for the night. Our daughter is spending the night with a friend. This will allow me to start the process of properly training you to better please me with my cock. Undress immediately and come into the bedroom"

All sorts of ideas are swirling around in my head. i have no idea what She has in store for me but i am eager that i may truly be able to start moving towards pleasing Her the way She wants. i immediately do as i am told and strip down to nothing with the clothes hitting the floor right there. Already hard, i walk down the hall towards the bedroom. As i enter i notice the candles are lit and She is laying on the opposite side of the bed, Her knees bent and legs spread. i am able to figure out She has been rubbing Herself while She has been waiting for me. Next to Her, there is a towel and on it, a cream colored mass. 

"Come here and meet your new fuck buddy"

i walk code to the bed and realize that She has purchased a fake pussy.

"It's time you get better at fucking. Because until you can please the fake pussy, you are not putting that cock in me."

"yes Mistress"

"I want you to lube your new pussy up good, because you know how wet i get. You need to be able to take that wetness without cumming"

"What am i to do if i cum Mistress??"

"You are to stop. Wait. Then resume your fucking. i am going to train you like athletes train for the olympics. That way you can fuck me for as long, hard, and fast as i want without any concern of your orgasms. Now get to fucking so i can lay here and enjoy the show."

So Mistress laid there in the bed next to me, in plain sight while i practice fucking my new pussy. i would stop every time i would get close to releasing, each time became more and more difficult. This was leo made more difficult by Mistress pleasuring Herself while i would remain completely still as to not trigger an orgasm. The sounds of Her moaning and writhing of Her body next to me was such a turn on, it was a serious challenge to not cum.

"You know my other form of pleasuring. Get your face over here and lick my dripping pussy while you practice your fucking. i figure you can practice AND pleasure me at the same time."

So i did as Mistress instructed, placing my toy pussy on the bed so that when i laid on my stomach my face was in Mistress' very wet pussy. It was wonderful getting to taste Her and have direct contact with Her orgasms. i could tell that She enjoyed my tongue much more than Her own fingers and vibrator but the amount of shaking, moaning, and twitching during each succeeding climax.

"You have been a good boy for not cumming. But, now is the time for me to do the fucking."

Mistress got up and went behind me where i could not see. After a few minutes of laying there on my stomach, my throbbing cock in the fake pussy, i felt a pressure on my ass. It was then i knew(and should have known) what She had in mind. Mistress had me slide to the end of the bed so She could fuck my ass pussy while i maintained a throbbing cock in my fake pussy. i know this is one of Mistress' favorite things. The power She feels by slamming Her long, black, and hard cock in my ass while i try not to cum in my fake pussy. The pounding got faster and faster.

"OOHHH! I love fucking you my little bitch! i want you to explode in your new pussy when i cum!!"

"yes Mistress!!"

Then, without a pause, i could feel Mistress shake and moan and i exploded in my new pussy having felt a level of accomplishment having lasted as long as i did and that i was one step closer to getting good enough please Mistress with Her cock.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not for me

Definitely not! i haven't had that freedom in a very long time. From the time i was old enough to "beat the meat" until i met Mistress i was a chronic masturbator. i would sometimes do it 3-5 times a day. When i committed myself to Mistress some 6+years ago and gave ownership of my cock over to Her, those activities came to an abrupt stop. It took several times and a couple of serious interventions, but my life is much better since Mistress owned my orgasms. Even in low times in O/our D/s relationship i remained orgasm free(per my own doing). No, the only stroking going on is upon command of Mistress and for Her enjoyment.

Of course, it goes without saying that this restriction does not apply to Mistress. Mistress "takes care of Herself" many times throughout the week, both with and without my help. Don't get me wrong, i would jump at a chance in which Mistress would turn me loose, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. So Happy May Everyone! Enjoy your solo adventures!! Here is some fodder to get you started

Saturday, May 5, 2012

t's last day:Epilogue

(It has been some while since i wrote about O/out time together with t. In that time i realized i left out the details of the last day W/we all spent together. If you haven't read the previous posts, you can find them here. Enjoy!!)

W/we all woke up after a restful night in the living room to warm embraces and smiles. i got up, walked the dog and served everyone breakfast. W/we had some nice chit-chat time together and enjoyed each others company. By the time mid-morning arrived, Mistress was starting to feel horny again and i could tell she was reflecting on the previous night's events. So She came up with something different that would get Her(and everyone else) in the mood. Mistress left the room and returned with my urethal sounds set to demonstrate one of my hardcore kinks, sounding. i know for a fact that Mistress gets very turned on by it as well. Wy wouldn't She, yet another way to fuck her little bitch.

Mistress lubed up the smallest sound and slid it right in. It had been so long since She fucked Her cock with a steel rod and it felt so good. Just like when She fucks me in the ass, i feel Her inside of me, controlling me, manipulating me to Her every desire. She continued with larger sounds, going from one size to another. After the fourth one, She would stroke my cock with the cold steel up inside of it. It wasn't long before i was reaching the point of climax and i asked Mistress if i could come. Mistress knew that this would send me into sub-space and that i wouldn't be able to keep from releasing as the sensations were so intense. She nodded in affirmation and proceeded to stroke me more continuously. i came with a very very slow buildup and an intense release. i could feel the steel rod being clenched by Her throbbing cock. Mistress left the steel in my cock while i came and after everything subsided She pulled it out slowly to spurting to cum out everywhere. i could tell by the smile on Her face She was pleased. On the other hand, i couldn't tell if t. was turned on or freaked out.

After i cleaned up and came back into the room, i found Mistress and t. lying on the mattress on the floor. t. was massaging Her feet and it was definitely getting Mistress turned on again. i proceeded to where Her head was and started to passionately kiss Her. i could tell She was really enjoying t. sucking on Her toes and massaging Her feet while i kissed Her. She directed me to suck Her nipples. After a little bit She had me fetch some lube so that She could complete the experience. She slid Her hand down Her pants and started rubbing Her wet clit. It wasn't long before all the stimulation became too much for Her. She came hard, but then something different happened. She came down from Her orgasm and immediately went into another climax. In all of my years with Mistress, i do not think She has ever done that before. i am sure the stimulation from 6 hands and 2 mouths pushed Her way over the edge.

Unfortunately, the day came to end and W/we had to take s. back to the airport. It was very sad to see him go knowing how much Mistress and i are going to miss him and how good he makes Her feel. Mistress and i have definitely crossed into a new realm in O/our relationship that i look forward to revisiting.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back in the Saddle

It's true what they say : "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" They did leave one important part out(to make it pg) and thats "Absence makes the Mistress hornier" Well, at least it did in this case. Since our move overseas, our D/s relationship has taken a back seat. There are multiple reasons, but the stress alone of moving to another country(albeit a conservative one) can put a serious squash on what was once a thriving 24/7 D/s relationship.

Don't get me wrong, the move has been a big improvement for O/our family. And like other changes you make in your life, some aspects hang on. Mistress still owns my orgasms and makes all the financial decisions and i still default to Her on the decision making process. These are all good things W/we have kept through this slump in O/our FLM, but things otherwise have been pretty cooled off. That is until I went away for a week for work.

While i was away, Mistress spent some time reconnecting with some of O/our favorite people in O/our D/s circle and it sparked that fire deep down inside that has been quite low since O/our move. All this discussion led to Her bringing it up to me when W/we traveled together on another trip the following week. i was very excited but as i usually am, concerned about the logistics of implementing it in a foreign land. But soon after our discussion, i felt that i needed that clarity that D/s brings to O/our relationship. i needed Her to be in charge so that my actions and energy can be directed more accurately. i needed Her to feel in control. Because, all of you out there reading know. A Woman in control is more sexy, beautiful, and wonderful than anything else. It can transform a beautiful Woman into a Goddess and that is what Mistress wants and needs.

Mistress didn't waste any time. She seized the moment on O/our flight back by fondling me under the tray on the airplane. Teasing and playing with Her cock over and over again. Getting it hard and then leaving it alone. Eventually, i was instructed to go to the airplane bathroom and bring myself to the edge 3 times without cumming. Without hesitation i followed the instruction. Stroking Her cock brought back a flood of emotions. Remembering how She used to have me do this on a regular basis at the place W/we worked. Having me film it for proof and Her enjoyment. Keeping me in a constant state of arousal. These were all great feelings i was very happy to revisit and hope to keep moving forward with. i did struggle each successive time to not climax but managed to obey Her orders.

Since W/we have been back, Mistress has been having me masturbate Her regularly as well as assist Her in multiple huge climaxes. W/we have been connecting more and thinking about how i can please Her on a more regular basis.

So it seems W/we are back in the saddle again. i am happy to be there and be rode once again.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Away, not dead.

i know it's been a while since i have posted about Mistress and myself. Let's just say life has been very…..busy. W/we had that special D/s time with our guest and from then on, it has been a flurry of life changes. To sum it up, W/we have sold all O/our belongings and moved abroad.

So needless to say, there really hasn't been much time to write or for our D/s time. Having moved to a country that is very conservative has also put a squash on that aspect of O/our relationship. But after putting on the back burner, it seems that things are beginning to grow again. Not surprising though. D/s is the path you go down that you really can't undo. So it may have lied dormant all this time, but it isn't gone.

There you have it. W/we are alive. Working on firing up O/our D/s to where it should be in a part of the world that doesn't really approve of public hand holding. W/we will find a way to make it work and i will report back soon. Be on the lookout on the last part of O/our time with O/our guest. i never got to finish posting the last day. How's that for a tease?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

How May i Serve You?

i would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my readers over the years and the new ones who have found their way to this blog for taking time out of their busy schedules to read my thoughts and ideas on my D/s and Female Lead Marriage with Mistress. i would also like to thank my fellow Femdom bloggers for linking to me(The Path Least Chosen, Being Her Knight, Forever in Her Service, and most recently i'm Her husband and She is In Charge to name a few)and bringing new readers every week. i am thankful to be amongst some very insightful and inspiring writers. Thank you for reading and those of You who have been reading this for a while, Your loyalty.

As any good submissive, i aim to please those i serve, my readers(as well as my Mistress). So i am asking You to comment here and contribute Your thoughts on this blog. i would like to know what You liked, didn't like, loved, hated, and what You would like to hear more about. Let me know if there is anything i haven't touched upon that maybe i could expand on. By having Your thoughts and ideas here, Mistress and i can better direct O/our energies to not only explore these topics but also be helpful to You. If You are not comfortable commenting here, feel free to drop me an email or catch me on chat. i look forward to all of You input. And thanks again for reading!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cuckolding: A Domme's Perspective

Mistress' post regarding a comment She received. It has spawned some great thoughts. Here it is:

When you write a blog, you open yourself up to comments and thoughts from others. By and large, the comments I receive are supportive and appreciative. On occasion I receive a comment that is critical. I received this comment today and felt it would make a good blog post.
The comment reads: “Sounds like that is it for your marriage unless hubby can stand your obvious desire for other men. Ask yourself this: Do you have any interest in j sexually other than as an object of your pleasure? If not, you should let him know and see how he feels. It looks to me you are confusing dominance with sexual boredom, because your guy can't "man up" in the bedroom.
Sorry if this seems harsh, but cuckoldry is playing with fire, and you might want to ask yourself (assuming you actually care for j) what he is getting out of it.
And yes, I've read the other two posts on this topic.
MIstress' response: “I appreciate your comment and realize it was placed after thought and out of concern for My marriage. I can assure you that cuckolding was not something either one of us entered into lightly. We had discussed the issue quite a bit at different times, and came to the conclusion it was the path for us. Read: US. Not for Me, not for him, but for Us together as a couple. j is my husband first, my submissive second. Feel free to ask him if he sees this as a problem, if he feels like he cannot satisfy me, if he prefers that things be different. I can assure you that is not the case. he has told me this, and he has written this on his own blog, Serving My Mistress. 
j is not by any means a groveling on the floor type of submissive. That’s just not who he is. He can and DOES speak his mind, especially when something is bothering him. Can he satisfy me? Sure! Do I enjoy being able to tease him and taunt him, letting him know that another man is doing it for me? Absolutely! j’s ONLY deficiencies in the bedroom are that he is small (which has never been an issue for me) and that he cannot last a long time (something we have remedied quite well with numbing cream). Aside from that, he is a phenomenal lover, whether the sex is traditional, vanilla sex or full-blown, out and out raunchy D/s sex. 
You are right when you say that cuckolding is a dangerous path. I agree, wholeheartedly. Then again, that could be said about many different aspects of Dominance and submission. But ultimately, the path we are taking is one we chose to take, together. I respect j’s limits, but more than that, I am cognizant of his feelings. I have never been the type of Domme that goes through life without a care in the world about the feelings of her submissive. Rather, I want him to be happy.
My blog includes time away, sometimes months at a time when D/s was not working for us for whatever reason. During these times, we generally have a more vanilla relationship, at least in the sexual sense. And who is it who comes back begging for more D/s? He does. After my submissive came and visited us for a few days, j was immediately trying to figure out how we could travel and spend more time together. 
Rather than asking myself, as you suggest, what j gets out of cuckoldry, I felt it best to ask him.