Saturday, May 26, 2012


Mistress told me 5 days ago to write a fantasy of mine on this blog in two days. Needless to say, i am behind. Mainly because i struggle to come up with my own ideas of what is hot and what "does it" for me. Like many subs, i derive my pleasure from pleasing Mistress. So trying to be creative and delve into my own head is a real difficult process. So i pondered ideas off and on and nothing really came to mind. So i decided that i have put it off long enough. i took some time and reviewed some of my posts over the years to see if something would spark my interest. And lo and behold, it did. i came across this post i did a while back and something about it stirs me inside. After some thought and reflection, here is my fantasy:

Mistress has become frustrated over the years with my ability to last for any length of time during lovemaking. My submission to Her does not mean She doesn't prefer a good fucking over most forms of pleasuring. Unfortunately, i have not been able to provide consistently in that department. She has even brought in another sub once to meet that need. i am hopeful that She may bring one with a extra long cock  so She can be fucked like She deserves to be fucked. But until that time, Mistress wants train me to be able to please Her with Her own(and always available) cock. i also deeply desire to be able to pleasure Her in such a way without climaxing the way other subs are able to do for their Domme. The other hurdle Mistress is dealing with is the sexual frustration of training me and the fact that i don't deserve Her pussy until i can control my orgasms. So under Her tutelage She will implement a plan that will most closely replicate fucking without the benefit of entering Her.

i come home from work to find the house quiet. i notice that the house seems unusually quiet and that my daughter is nowhere to be found. i walk over to the counter and find a note where i usually put my keys. It says:

"The house is empty for the night. Our daughter is spending the night with a friend. This will allow me to start the process of properly training you to better please me with my cock. Undress immediately and come into the bedroom"

All sorts of ideas are swirling around in my head. i have no idea what She has in store for me but i am eager that i may truly be able to start moving towards pleasing Her the way She wants. i immediately do as i am told and strip down to nothing with the clothes hitting the floor right there. Already hard, i walk down the hall towards the bedroom. As i enter i notice the candles are lit and She is laying on the opposite side of the bed, Her knees bent and legs spread. i am able to figure out She has been rubbing Herself while She has been waiting for me. Next to Her, there is a towel and on it, a cream colored mass. 

"Come here and meet your new fuck buddy"

i walk code to the bed and realize that She has purchased a fake pussy.

"It's time you get better at fucking. Because until you can please the fake pussy, you are not putting that cock in me."

"yes Mistress"

"I want you to lube your new pussy up good, because you know how wet i get. You need to be able to take that wetness without cumming"

"What am i to do if i cum Mistress??"

"You are to stop. Wait. Then resume your fucking. i am going to train you like athletes train for the olympics. That way you can fuck me for as long, hard, and fast as i want without any concern of your orgasms. Now get to fucking so i can lay here and enjoy the show."

So Mistress laid there in the bed next to me, in plain sight while i practice fucking my new pussy. i would stop every time i would get close to releasing, each time became more and more difficult. This was leo made more difficult by Mistress pleasuring Herself while i would remain completely still as to not trigger an orgasm. The sounds of Her moaning and writhing of Her body next to me was such a turn on, it was a serious challenge to not cum.

"You know my other form of pleasuring. Get your face over here and lick my dripping pussy while you practice your fucking. i figure you can practice AND pleasure me at the same time."

So i did as Mistress instructed, placing my toy pussy on the bed so that when i laid on my stomach my face was in Mistress' very wet pussy. It was wonderful getting to taste Her and have direct contact with Her orgasms. i could tell that She enjoyed my tongue much more than Her own fingers and vibrator but the amount of shaking, moaning, and twitching during each succeeding climax.

"You have been a good boy for not cumming. But, now is the time for me to do the fucking."

Mistress got up and went behind me where i could not see. After a few minutes of laying there on my stomach, my throbbing cock in the fake pussy, i felt a pressure on my ass. It was then i knew(and should have known) what She had in mind. Mistress had me slide to the end of the bed so She could fuck my ass pussy while i maintained a throbbing cock in my fake pussy. i know this is one of Mistress' favorite things. The power She feels by slamming Her long, black, and hard cock in my ass while i try not to cum in my fake pussy. The pounding got faster and faster.

"OOHHH! I love fucking you my little bitch! i want you to explode in your new pussy when i cum!!"

"yes Mistress!!"

Then, without a pause, i could feel Mistress shake and moan and i exploded in my new pussy having felt a level of accomplishment having lasted as long as i did and that i was one step closer to getting good enough please Mistress with Her cock.


  1. Hi there Love your blog I am a dominant woman as well and I love to cause pain lol

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  6. I admit I just skimmed through the above stories.
    Though I plan to come back to it when I have more time,so no need for concern regarding that matter.
    That said I guess my idea of a mistress was wrong.
    If I get some extra time I will try to look it up.