Saturday, May 5, 2012

t's last day:Epilogue

(It has been some while since i wrote about O/out time together with t. In that time i realized i left out the details of the last day W/we all spent together. If you haven't read the previous posts, you can find them here. Enjoy!!)

W/we all woke up after a restful night in the living room to warm embraces and smiles. i got up, walked the dog and served everyone breakfast. W/we had some nice chit-chat time together and enjoyed each others company. By the time mid-morning arrived, Mistress was starting to feel horny again and i could tell she was reflecting on the previous night's events. So She came up with something different that would get Her(and everyone else) in the mood. Mistress left the room and returned with my urethal sounds set to demonstrate one of my hardcore kinks, sounding. i know for a fact that Mistress gets very turned on by it as well. Wy wouldn't She, yet another way to fuck her little bitch.

Mistress lubed up the smallest sound and slid it right in. It had been so long since She fucked Her cock with a steel rod and it felt so good. Just like when She fucks me in the ass, i feel Her inside of me, controlling me, manipulating me to Her every desire. She continued with larger sounds, going from one size to another. After the fourth one, She would stroke my cock with the cold steel up inside of it. It wasn't long before i was reaching the point of climax and i asked Mistress if i could come. Mistress knew that this would send me into sub-space and that i wouldn't be able to keep from releasing as the sensations were so intense. She nodded in affirmation and proceeded to stroke me more continuously. i came with a very very slow buildup and an intense release. i could feel the steel rod being clenched by Her throbbing cock. Mistress left the steel in my cock while i came and after everything subsided She pulled it out slowly to spurting to cum out everywhere. i could tell by the smile on Her face She was pleased. On the other hand, i couldn't tell if t. was turned on or freaked out.

After i cleaned up and came back into the room, i found Mistress and t. lying on the mattress on the floor. t. was massaging Her feet and it was definitely getting Mistress turned on again. i proceeded to where Her head was and started to passionately kiss Her. i could tell She was really enjoying t. sucking on Her toes and massaging Her feet while i kissed Her. She directed me to suck Her nipples. After a little bit She had me fetch some lube so that She could complete the experience. She slid Her hand down Her pants and started rubbing Her wet clit. It wasn't long before all the stimulation became too much for Her. She came hard, but then something different happened. She came down from Her orgasm and immediately went into another climax. In all of my years with Mistress, i do not think She has ever done that before. i am sure the stimulation from 6 hands and 2 mouths pushed Her way over the edge.

Unfortunately, the day came to end and W/we had to take s. back to the airport. It was very sad to see him go knowing how much Mistress and i are going to miss him and how good he makes Her feel. Mistress and i have definitely crossed into a new realm in O/our relationship that i look forward to revisiting.


  1. Nice that you have crossed into a real realm. And soundsi like she is good with that steel rod.


  2. Thank you Florida Dom for reading and your comment. Hope you enjoy the blog and my writing.