Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back in the Saddle

It's true what they say : "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" They did leave one important part out(to make it pg) and thats "Absence makes the Mistress hornier" Well, at least it did in this case. Since our move overseas, our D/s relationship has taken a back seat. There are multiple reasons, but the stress alone of moving to another country(albeit a conservative one) can put a serious squash on what was once a thriving 24/7 D/s relationship.

Don't get me wrong, the move has been a big improvement for O/our family. And like other changes you make in your life, some aspects hang on. Mistress still owns my orgasms and makes all the financial decisions and i still default to Her on the decision making process. These are all good things W/we have kept through this slump in O/our FLM, but things otherwise have been pretty cooled off. That is until I went away for a week for work.

While i was away, Mistress spent some time reconnecting with some of O/our favorite people in O/our D/s circle and it sparked that fire deep down inside that has been quite low since O/our move. All this discussion led to Her bringing it up to me when W/we traveled together on another trip the following week. i was very excited but as i usually am, concerned about the logistics of implementing it in a foreign land. But soon after our discussion, i felt that i needed that clarity that D/s brings to O/our relationship. i needed Her to be in charge so that my actions and energy can be directed more accurately. i needed Her to feel in control. Because, all of you out there reading know. A Woman in control is more sexy, beautiful, and wonderful than anything else. It can transform a beautiful Woman into a Goddess and that is what Mistress wants and needs.

Mistress didn't waste any time. She seized the moment on O/our flight back by fondling me under the tray on the airplane. Teasing and playing with Her cock over and over again. Getting it hard and then leaving it alone. Eventually, i was instructed to go to the airplane bathroom and bring myself to the edge 3 times without cumming. Without hesitation i followed the instruction. Stroking Her cock brought back a flood of emotions. Remembering how She used to have me do this on a regular basis at the place W/we worked. Having me film it for proof and Her enjoyment. Keeping me in a constant state of arousal. These were all great feelings i was very happy to revisit and hope to keep moving forward with. i did struggle each successive time to not climax but managed to obey Her orders.

Since W/we have been back, Mistress has been having me masturbate Her regularly as well as assist Her in multiple huge climaxes. W/we have been connecting more and thinking about how i can please Her on a more regular basis.

So it seems W/we are back in the saddle again. i am happy to be there and be rode once again.

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