Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not Dead Yet!

It has been a while since i have posted. The last time i commented i was excited for a full week of childless time with Mistress. i am sad to say it did not end up being much of anything super exciting. Mistress and i enjoyed time together without being interrupted and being able to come and go as W/we wanted but not much beyond that.

You see, this summer has been very difficult for O/our D/s life due to the stress of me trying to find a full time job. This has been a process since March and has carried over through the entire summer. i am pleased to let you know that i just managed to get a full time job, but the relief of that stress brings upon new stress of trying to find a new place to move to so the drive will not be so bad. These are all good things but have definitely taken the wind out of O/our D/s relationship.

i hope to report back to you soon with more exiting updates and thoughts. It looks like W/we have been able to lock down on a house(sadly no basement for a dungeon).

Keep hanging with U/us. Like every relationship, it ebbs and flows.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Formspring:if I want a spanking what do I do

Are you asking what you would need to do to get a spanking from my Mistress? Most likely anything disrespectful or belligerent could get you a good ass beating. As far as getting a spanking in general, i am not sure. It really depends on your Mistress and Her temperament.

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Formspring: Has your wife/mistress ever had you stand in the corner for punishment?

Not at of yet. Mistress as not used that as a form of punishment. i am sure it is mainly due to the fact that W/we have children around and there really isn't a proper opportunity for Her to place me there as She would like.

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