Saturday, July 3, 2010

True 24/7 for a week!!

Tomorrow evening, Mistress and i drop off O/our child at camp for the week. That is sleep away camp!!! Needless to say, i am very excited to spend true extended 24/7 D/s time with Mistress. i am already seeing sparks of it throughout this week as She would say something or smile in that sexy evil way.

i have no idea what She has in mind for U/us but i am excited to serve. i am excited that there will not be any interruptions to O/our day(as She doesn't work in the summer and i do not have a job yet). This will be the first time there will have been such an extended time together. In the past W/we have had a day or two, but never a whole week. i already know She plans on keeping me naked(or at least close to it). i can assume that servicing will be regular and constant. i am sure to have a workout this week(if i am allowed).

There are so many possibilities. W/we have discussed finally recording O/our first podcast on Femdom. i am also sure i will be posting a bunch this week as the week progresses. Who knows, maybe even a couple of videos. So W/we will see. Either way, it's exciting.

i am sure Her long term goal is that is bleeds over into O/our life even when O/our daughter comes back. i desire that too, as life's events have a tendency to get in the way and interrupt O/our D/s flow.

So stay tuned, it looks to be a exciting week.