Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I assume you are asking of the events described in the most recent posts. Sadly, no pictures of the fun activities that went on those 5 days were taken. In retrospect, W/we wish W/we had taken some, but considering this was a brand new experience and W/we didn't know what to expect, it became a very low priority. Hopefully next time. :-)

Friday, March 18, 2011

t's fourth day-Part I

The fourth day turned out to be the main event. With two days behind us and a good night's rest, i think W/we were in for some new experiences. W/we lounged around most of the morning after having a breakfast i made for everyone finished up. Mistress went to go take a shower and i went and joined Her to discuss some of Her ideas and thoughts in shower. At first, Mistress felt that the activity that has occurred was great and that if W/we did nothing else, She would feel good. After talking some more, She was getting hornier and hornier. i think She was unaware how open i was to pleasing Her and making Her fantasies come true.

So it all started with a round of "Strip Rock Band". Mistress loves Rock band and wanted to see some competition amongst Her subs. The deal was that whoever scored lowest on a song would have to remove an item of clothing. If Mistress was the lowest, than She would get to choose. If it was a tie, Mistress would choose. So basically, play your best but ultimately Mistress would choose. To hint at what was to come the rest of the weekend, we put the two queen sized mattresses on the living room floor so that W/we would have a extra large play/sleep area big enough for everyone.

The games then began. i lost the first song, leading to me taking off my shirt. As a reward, Mistress then made out with t.  t. lost the second song leading to the loss of his shirt and an additional penalty of humiliation-he had to suck my nipples. Next to go was my belt. This time Mistress decided She wanted to make out with me.(Remember She makes the rules).  The third song was a tie and and She made both of us remove an item(his belt and my pants, leaving me in a purple things. t. had to suck my nipples again as a yummy replay for Mistress.

By now Mistress was getting very turned on and i could tell She was ready to start raising up the ante. i lost another song leaving me to remove my purple thong and completely naked. i knew that soon the game wasn't going to matter and it was going to be a Mistress directed bi-live-action-porn. t. lost the next song. This time was a double whammy. Not only was t. going to have remove another item but.....

Monday, March 14, 2011

t's third day

The third day was not as exciting as the second but more about connecting than anything else. W/we spent the day together showing s. the area and just hanging out. By the evening time W/we went to dinner and got pizza. When W/we cam back, things went from vanilla to D/s in 5th gear. i went outside to walk the dogs and go to the bathroom to come back and fins Mistress and t. curled up on the couch. She was sitting up and he was kneeling in front of Her with nothing other than panties. i was instructed to take my clothes off up to my panties and sit on the love seat and watch. Wow! Front row seat to seeing my Mistress get it on. She would press Her eager face against his and casually sneak Her hand onto his hard cock over his panties and stroke. It was so hot. i never realized how much i enjoyed watching Her be pleasured. i naturally wanted to join in but was not invited. After a little while, She gestured to have me take his place and have him stand aside. After planting a hot & wet kiss on Her She pulled my ear close to Her mouth and whispered something that made my heart skip a beat.

"i want to fuck him!", She said.

"Do You want to feel his cock inside of You?", i asked

"YESS!!", she whispered with intensity.

"You have my blessing. i want You to fuck him and take him like Your fantasies"

Well, that about put Her over the edge right there. W/we kissed and then She decided it was time to cool things off for a bit. W/we all watched a movie together and She was feeling tired. Considering the past two nights had been lacking sleep, it was good W/we all just went to bed to rest up for some intense play.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Femdom in the Mainstream III

If you have been living under a rock lately or just have missed this, i figured i should share. i know this isn't a "true" Femdom Video, but it is yet another step of D/s, BDSM, and Femdom moving into the mainstream culture.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

t's Second Day-Part II

...Continued from before.

"Going slow" ended up being Mistress in the middle while t. and i massaged Her body, fondled & kissed Her breasts, and i rubbed Her inner thigh. Mistress came pretty son afterwards, after which She proclaimed that vanilla time was over. She delved into Her cabinet of toys and brought out Her cuffs, rope, and a blindfold. She cuffed t. up, blindfolded him and attached his arms to the bedpost. In the first act of humiliation, Mistress had me take off his panties. Out sprung his erect cock all ready for action. Mistress then fondled his cock and his very large testicles. She wanted me to understand the magnitude of the size so She had me handle them also.

Next, Mistress tied up his cock with rope in a pseudo harness. Pleased with Her accomplishment, She went down on his eager member. After a bit of tease and denial, She mouthed to me to touch His cock. Without hesitation, i grabbed the first cock that wasn't not my own. It definitely felt softer than what i expected even though he was hard the only other comparison i had was artificial dildos and such. W/we went back and forth between me stoking his cock, Her stroking his cock, and Her sucking on it. Then She motioned to have me suck it. Again, in an act of obedience i went down on His hard cock. i had no sexual feelings about it other than the moaning Mistress was making from watching one of Her top fantasies come true before Her eyes. She would have me continue to suck on while She would finger Herself to orgasm.(several times).

Now that She was thoroughly turned on, She got on Her back next to him and had me lick Her very wet pussy. i loved that taste. So Mistress would have me lick Her pussy to orgasm and then switch to t.'s cock(while he was tied up and blindfolded) and back and forth. Each time She would cum harder and harder. After about 20 minutes of this, She decided to fulfill one of his fantasies by having sex with me in front of him. The only problem is that the medicine She gave me not only allowed me to function longer, it also kept me from getting hard.(that in conjunction with the 3 glasses of wine). She managed to get me hard enough to ride me and slipped me in. Immediately, She let out a big moan which caused me to cum right then and there without warning. i was very sad about it and the orgasm was very poor.

Determined to still climax again, Mistress then brought the third man in, Mr. Hitachi. She would use Mr. Hitachi next to t. and alternate in pulling his chest hair and his nipples. Once again She came hard. By now, the effects of the pills were in full swing and i was having trouble keeping my balance and started to act silly. i am sure this put a damper on the moment between Mistress and s. but they didn't seem to allow it to effect them.

It was a very hot first night. i wish i could have done more for Mistress that evening but i am happy i fulfilled two of Her fantasies. Here is looking forward to the next night.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

t's Second Day-Part I

It definitely seems that the first night was a warm up of what was about to come(cum?). Unfortunately for me, i had to spend a long day at work that day and felt very disconnected to the events going on at home. Mistress was able to take a 1/2 of a day off of work to be with t. and spend some quality time, but i would not be able to return until 8pm that night. my online chats with Mistress and t were sporadic throughout the day but not as frequent as a typical day with the two of U/us. Of course my mind was racing with ideas spawned from the night before. Were they just hanging out? Was She taking him to the next level already, taking advantage of Her time alone with him? i just didn't know. Of course, all of my mind games were playing tricks on me as it turned out Mistress and t had a nice day together connecting and talking(a little groping) She later confessed to me that She was restraining Herself from fucking him right then and there. That got me excited and all bothered at once. So as soon as i could leave work, i hurried home.

When i arrived i was assigned the job of making dinner for everyone. After dinner, since it was late, W/we put O/our daughter to bed and Mistress and i took a shower to discuss the nights events and clean up. Mistress was very interested in him touching my cock and me touching his. She also wanted to fulfill his fantasies of having him tied up while Mistress and i make love in front of him. So having discussed the evening, She went to get him ready while i prepped the room and took a pill of Hers that She thought would make me last longer. More on that later.

After She brought t. in i went and walked the dogs to give them some warm-up time. When i came back in, the two were in an embrace. Mistress then told me that W/we would be "going slow" since t. was a little nervous.

To be continued.....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A View From The Other Side

As i continue to relay the events of O/our very hot time with Mistress' visiting sub i would like to direct you to Mistress' blog, Sensual Femdom, where She is sharing Her side of the events that took place those several days. Also, if you are lucky, She may be online and available for a chat. i just installed a Pingbox widget on the side of Her blog so She can be more easily available.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ts' first day-Part 2

The evening went very well as W/we drank a bit and got a little more comfortable with each other. i sat on the floor while t. sat on the couch next to Mistress. i would massage Her feet while W/we talked and Mistress would periodically come up with distractions so they could make out in short passionate bursts. Again, a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings, but most of all excitement to watch Mistress be pleasured. This went on for a while and Mistress would make sure i didn't feel left out by coming over to me and passionately kissing me also in front of t. This was hot too.

As the evening wore on, Mistress decided to change into Her bedtime outfit. When She came back from the bedroom out to the living room, i think You could here both of our jaws hit the floor She was wearing an all black outfit. It was made up of black slinky pants with a open front black blouse in which She had one of Her stunning bra's underneath showing off Her beautiful breasts. W/we went back to chit chat, taking turns making out, and such and decided it was time to hit the bed.

Mistress commanded t. and i to remove all of our clothes so that we would be naked for Her in bed. Things were not necessarily moving towards more groping but after W/we all decided to go to sleep, t. leaned over and started making out with Mistress again. i decided that i wanted to please Her also so i rubbed Her back, shoulders, lower back, and ass. When i was rubbing Her ass, She would spread Her legs so that i may rub Her inner thigh and pussy. i could hear Her moaning in between kissing and slurping on t. Her moaning made me so hard and excited. Mistress was truly being served by two subs at once. In one of the breaks of the kissing, i stopped rubbing Her mound and She asked why i stopped. Not about to let Her down, i went right back to pleasuring Her. Her moans grew stronger and stronger, as She processed the fact that She had one man embracing Her and kissing Her while another was bringing Her to orgasm. Mistress came hard. It was different and more passionate than i had heard before. i know the excitement of two men in bed with Her really put Her over the edge and i made me even more eager to please Her.

Afterwards, W/we all laid back in O/our spots on the bed and touched and fondled each other until W/we fell asleep. i had a difficult time sleeping after all the excitement and wondered in and out of it throughout the night. i was always being aware of any stirring from Mistress or t.

So what an exciting first night. i can't even imagine what W/we are going to experience the rest of the weekend.