Thursday, December 31, 2009

Too Hot Not to Share!

In reading through my list of favorite blogs, i came across this post on the Married Domme that really "ground my gears". By "ground my gears", i mean turned me on. It seems i wasn't the only one turned on by this video. Though, i do feel that i was turned on for different reasons. Take a look.

This video and others like it turn me on because they give me ideas of things i could do for Mistress or things Mistress would like to do to me. Now, i wouldn't be excited about the idea of being locked up for 8 months, but i am sure that after that much time and the situation above, i could pull off a 1 minute orgasm(of course i have a quick trigger anyway). What really turned me on was the idea of maybe filming a video using a alternative like that blow up doll. i remember The Path Least Chosen blog which is now defunct and anthony had his little stuffed animal bear. But something about having that alternative pussy and performing for Mistress would be incredibly hot. Knowing how hot She would get knowing that i was fucking a pussy, not allowed to cum unless granted, all for Her pleasure. The whole idea turns me on and most likely is tied to the video fantasy or desire.

i remember when got Her first Strap-on harness and dildo. She could not wait to get home and fuck Her little bitch in the ass. Mistress was already dripping wet before She even slipped Her big cock in my bitch ass, knowing that this was the true expression of Dominance over me. i am fairly sure having me fuck a fake "puss" would make rare times Mistress would allow me inside of Her even more special. Who knows, maybe would even want to fuck my ass while i was putting it Her cock in the fake one. Even better, it could be my "practice puss" to work towards controlling myself so i can satisfy Her for the as long as She wants. i don't know, but it all sounds hot. Thanks Married Domme for sharing!


  1. Good luck. I think you should experience a length lock up first to see it's impact on your libido. May all your wishes come true in 2010.


  2. This clip is as erotic as anything I've ever seen. From the mock sympathetic instructions of the domme to the earnest compliance and respectful silence of the sub, I loved it all. Thank you for posting.

  3. I just saw I was linked to your blog in some way. how sweet. glad you enjoyed that video as much as I did. nice blog you have going here..


  4. MarriedDomme-

    Thank You for viewing my site. i enjoy Your posts and look forward to seeing new ones.