Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thumper's Rule

i recently read a thought provoking post at Denying Thumper. In it he outlines a new rule instituted between him and his Mistress in order to promote more intimate pleasure for his Queen. Here is the synopsis he listed on his blog:
  • I am not allowed to come on to her within 72 hours of her last orgasm. She, of course, is still free to instigate something, but I’m to respect her personage for at least three days after she comes.
  • On the third night, I can try to seduce her (including putting my hands in places they aren’t normally allowed to go), but if she tells me she’s not interested I need to withdraw immediately and wait until the next day to make another move (or however long she prefers).
i have been known to also be less than attentive in the intimacy category in the past. Lets face it, life gets in the way and sometimes even Mistress' may need a little spark to remind them that She is as desired as well as worshiped. i think this plan, as dry as it may be, might work well to keep that alarm set to make sure Mistress is not only serviced but reminded that She always feels that She is a desirable woman.

The one flaw is that the timeline may be too ling for Mistress. In reality, i think She may want to be approached constantly so this may not work. i always desire Mistress but sometimes i need a wake up call that rings louder than the everything else around me. W/we will see how it goes and if Mistress thinks this is a good idea. She may feel it is a bit robotic but i think it may help keep those cooling embers stoked.

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