Saturday, December 19, 2009

An Early Christmas Present-Part 1

Things have been on the down low recently with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, my parents visiting, and Mistress finishing up Her Masters Thesis class for Her degree last week. So much of Mistress' energies have been put towards that and with whatever leftover energy She has been focusing on providing warm quality family time for the holidays. i have really enjoyed it. W/we have spent much free time this past weeks just being together as a family and enjoying each other. She has also renewed some hobbies to help with the stress. i have done a little of that but have tried to be more helpful around the house and to Her needs. i have also been doing some more blog reading which always leads me to more thinking about Mistress.

So on Thursday night, Mistress noticed that i have been extra attentive to Her and particularly affectionate. i had felt bad that She had not been serviced in a while or hadn't masturbated. Mistress in Her wonderful kindness felt bad it had been a while since either one of U/us had climaxed told me to follow Her into the bedroom while O/our daughter was taking a shower.

After getting naked and making out for a short time, She was reminded how much She missed being pleased. After rubbing Her untouched pussy and bringing Her to an orgasm, i was instructed to get a condom and pleasure Her with Her cock!! i couldn't believe it. It had been a long time since Mistress had desired the pleasuring of Her pussy with Her eager cock. Of course i didn't waste any time following my instructions and slowly put Her throbbing cock inside Her eager mound. I offered to place numbing cream on it so that i may pleasure Her longer and without the risk of climaxing too quickly. She turned down the idea leu of the fact that O/our time together was going to be short anyway. That was exactly what it was. But that doesn't mean it wasn't pleasurable. i was able to bring Her to climax with Her cock and i was allowed to cum with Her, though i am not sure i would have been able to hold off after hearing the sounds of Her moans.

W/we had a little time to recoup afterward before O/our daughter was going to be out of the shower. i think this short time together triggered Her sex drive, because She was hot and bothered the next morning......

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