Wednesday, December 9, 2009

my Honor

i am so proud of of Mistress! She has been working on Her masters degree since the spring and just finished Her Masters Thesis last night. i know it was a huge accomplishment for Her to dothis all the while working full time in a new career. Unfortunately, this does not mean the end of Her Masters work since the thesis came a little over 3/4 through the process, but it still is a huge hurdle behind Her and She can not have to worry about it anymore. i am so proud of Her and all of Her hard work.

As you can imagine, it has made it even more challenging to try to connect and have quality time together. But i think W/we have managed well
and after some deep discussions, a getaway for Thanksgiving, i feel W/we are doing better. i am feeling more submissive and in turn i am not letting Mistress down.

On other notes, W/we have not had any real "play time" for Mistress but it seems W/we manage to squeeze in some orgasms for Mistress(and She is VERY generous to reciprocate if i have been good and attentive). W/we had a nice shower together this past weekend which reminded me that W/we do not hardly do that enough. i offered to come in and wash Her back, body and hair. i love doing that for Her and i need to find more times to do that. Of course, that turned Mistress on and i rubbed Her wet pussy to orgasm. i was not allowed to cum.

Later that weekend W/we found a little time to play with the Hitachi Magic Wand and i brought Mistress to climax a couple of times, after which She quickly had me cum with the wand myself.

See, i am very lucky. She is not only beautiful, generous, kind, caring, loving. She is also very smart(as per Her academic pursuits). it is amazing that i am married and owned my such an amazing Woman.

i do not have any items to give Her. So i present this award. i figure it is appropriate since it seems like it may be a accurate replica of Her cock.

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