Tuesday, January 5, 2010

At Home Vacation Getaway

Last Saturday W/we managed to make arrangements for O/our children so that W/we could have a quiet evening along before everyone went back to the work/school. So after dropping off the children, i returned home for a intimate evening with Mistress without disturbances.

When i returned home, Mistress had gotten in from doing a little shopping to prep Herself up for a impromptu photo session to try to obtain some high quality pictures of Herself for Her blog and profiles. Now, Mistress is always beautiful, but She looked stunning. W/we had just gone shopping for some new clothes that would flatter her already beautiful body. Several times throughout the shoot, i noticed Her cock getting hard. W/we would take some pictures and then take a break to look at them. Each time, She was getting more and more sexy. i made sure i was in my private attire(collar, black jock strap) so that it would promote Her dominance.

Afterwards, W/we had a nice quiet evening together having dinner and watching some television. When dinner was finished, i was instructed to go clean and prep the bedroom. After a little while of cleaning, Mistress came in and instructed me to get on my back on the bed. She then attached cuffs to both wrists and hooked them to each bedpost spread wide. My ankles were hitched together. After insuring i was tightly locked down, She went back to Her cabinet to get a blindfold. Needless to say, i was in heaven. This is my favorite position to be in. Bound and blindfolded. When She put the blindfold on everything went black. She then......(to be continued)

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