Friday, January 22, 2010

Up and Down

2010 has begun with a roller coaster in O/our household. As many of you know Mistress and i had some play time right at the beginning of the year and are probably waiting for the first installment of O/our first video. i am waiting for approval from Mistress and then W/we will post it up for Your enjoyment(and my embarrassment).

The new year has also brought a new sub into Mistress' life. She has been chatting with him very regularly and spending a good amount of time dominating him that way. On the domestic side, O/our business has gone through an upheaval of sorts and i have had to spend many hours working trying to get things running in a more efficient manner. Mistress has also taken on the responsibility in addition to Her other roles to help me with it. This has left very little quality time together but W/we are hoping that it will lead to a better financial status by this time next year.

Last night, Mistress was up chatting with Her sub till the wee hours of the morning and came to bed. i am not one to wake up in the middle of the night, even if there is a noise or such. This time was different in that She came to bed completely naked with Her beautiful body up against my already naked self. The combination of Her skin on mine and the orgasm denial approaching 3 weeks woke me up. Although W/we didn't do anything, i truly enjoyed pressing my body up against Her beautiful curves. i am sure i am extra sensitive since it has been a while since W/we have been physical in any way. Normally i am not that sensitive to theses kind of events as extra stress of work and family push those feelings away. i first noticed this trend when Mistress was feeling better and She had me get on my knees in front of Her in the kitchen. i could feel the bulge in my pants grow just by having Her do that. It is amazing how much you realize you miss it when it goes on the back burner.

i am hoping that as things improve the two of U/us have more quality time together and that i may have the opportunity to pleasure Her in the near future.


  1. It's nice that you were able to truly enjoy just having her body next to yours...I believe that is highly unappreciated!

  2. "This has left very little quality time together...." What about that time in which your Mistress spent online with her virtual sub until the wee hours of the morning? To each their own, but it seems to me that quality time was spent elsewhere.

  3. Mistress L- Thank You for Your responses(past and present)

    Anon-This has been very open and has not taken away from O/our time together. The time She spends speaking with him is when i go to sleep so there isn't any actual loss of time. Also, She is very open, and i always know who She is speaking with at all times. But Thank you for your concern.