Sunday, January 10, 2010

At Home Vacation Getaway(Pt 2)

Everything went black when Mistress placed the blindfold on me. She then rattled through O/our cabinet to find what She was looking for. When She found what She was looking for, She said "I would like to try out my birthday present. i wasn't sure which one She was referring to, but as soon as She had me open my mouth i knew exactly what was on Her mind.

She slid a wide tip of a dildo in my mouth. She then instructed me to suck on it like a good bitch. i gladly obliged and sucked on Her new toy. She would sensually slide it in and out of my mouth, each time moaning and enjoying the show before Her. When She was done prepping my mouth, She took it out and told me She was going to put the large cock in Her eagerly awaiting pussy. Not like the small cock i Had. i couldn't see what She was doing but by the way the bed moved, i could tell She laid down next to me. i could also hear the wet slurping of Her new cock, sliding in and out of Her pussy. i stopped hearing that when the moans of Her orgasm grew louder and louder, drowning out the noise of the pounding dildo. She climaxed loudly, taking full advantage of the empty house. i knew She wouldn't be finished. i know Mistress better than that. Once She gets going, She cannot help herself to the buffet of orgasms at Her disposal.

i then felt the small penis in my mouth again. This time, with the harness attached to it. i could feel the weight of the dildo on the other side of it as She tightened up the straps around my head. After getting everything set, She climbed up, lowering Her pussy on top of the dildo. If i thought i could hear Her wetness before, now i had a front row seat. Mistress then raised and lowered Her pussy onto my face, sliding the large cock into Her eager pussy. i am sure the thought of fucking me without touching Her cock turned Her on.

It wasn't long at all before She was ready to cum again. This time, i assisted Her by thrusting my head upwards into Her mound, helping Her get the fucking She deserved by a cock worthy of the privilege. This time, Her screams were deafening, as She bounced up and down on my face while i bobbed upwards.

After a small break from Her explosive orgasm, She told me it was time for me to fuck my new girlfriend of the night. If you have read a previous post where i linked to a video of a submissive fucking a fake pussy for his Mistress, then you will understand where the next thing came from. i did not expect what came out of that post. See, after reading that post, Mistress got an idea. Instead of fucking a fake pussy, She would come up with other things to defile. Now a trip to Wal-Mart had a whole new meaning. Which lead me to the next post about a series of videos i will be presenting. Tune in soon

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  1. OMG, this is SUCH a hot story... I was tenting in panties and had to cum! Wish dear Wife would do this to me!