Thursday, May 7, 2009


So i decided to make Mistress happy and alter my choice in my punishment and put on my CB-3000. It has been a long time since i have worn it and i was surprised how effective it was in making me more submissive with every move i make. It reminds me of who i belong to. It reminds me of who i submit to. If you have not worn one you most likely do not know what i am talking about.

When you move you feel your penis move in and out of the cage. Sometimes it's in the background and sometimes it's just egging you on. There are times in which wearing it for long periods of time can be uncomfortable but overall it has been very positive. Every move makes me think of my Mistress. To add to it, Mistress has adorned me with Her panties which reinforces Her dominance over me. i most likely came to realize i needed to do this for Her after She decided to put Her panties on me. Normally, this is not something that i find arousing but this time it has been different. Donning Her underwear was not necessarily for humiliation(thought it could) but for reminder of my position. After that experience is when i decided i needed to please Her more with Her other option of punishment.

The good news is that i get to continue to sleep with Mistress(for now).


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  1. The panties are a good reminder. I basically have a few boxer briefs that I keep for times like playing flag football. It would be my horror to have more than my flag pulled by accident in front of all my buddies to be standing there in whatever else I might have on underneath.

    But other than that I have got used to it. Domina picks out all my underclothes now. She tries for a balance of what is comfortable for me and pleasurable to her eye. Through the day, you don't think about it too much as you get used to the feel of it. When I feel humbled by it most are times like when I get dressed that Domina smiles as she watches my obedience; or walking up to the urinal in the men's room and making sure you don't get seen while you work around the fact that you don't have a fly to work with.

    I believe Domina likes it because it is one of those daily displays of obedience that requires no effort on her part as it is now simply an every day expectation. And for me, it's a daily reminder of my humility that I need.