Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Mistress came up with two punishments this past weekend for being neglectful towards my household duties and attention to Her. She gave me a choice between wearing my CB-300o or sleeping in a bed alone. Both for a period of one week. Both are a punishment for me since i really treasure sleeping in the same bed as Mistress. After much deliberation, i decided to decide to sleep alone since i sometimes have problems wearing my CB-3000 because i get irritated and sometimes slip out(small size).

Afterwards, Mistress confessed that She was disappointed in my choice since She knew how much i loved sleeping with Her. i explained my concerns and then was enlightened that the punishment i choose was a punishment for Her as well.

On top of it all, Mistress was kind enough to allow me to share a bed with Her the past two nights since neither of us has slept well over the weekend(allergies, puppies, life). Mistress is a very kind and gracious Woman. After writing this i am considering on how i can make it up to Her and show my appreciation for Her kindness. i will post again letting you know what i came up with.

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