Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moving out of O/our comfort zone

Last night Mistress and i opened a line of communication with another couple for the first time in O/our relationship. W/we had managed to link up with them through an add on craigslist. It was very exciting and ironic since Mistress and i had been discussing the possibility of finding some other folks to talk, meet and possibly spend time with. People that W/we could be open about O/our wonderful adventure into a 24/7 D/s relationship. Even from a vanilla side (paraphrased from their blog) "We need to make some friends."

After exchanging several emails back and forth W/we managed to arrange to meet in a private chat room and share some of our basic background information and thoughts. It was definitely a relief opening up with another Female led couple. My biggest complaint was that O/our time was cut short do to their early morning work schedules just as we were getting going.

Needless to say, it was a great start for what i hope turns into a new friendship. I would be amiss if i did not mention their very thorough blog, The Path Least Chosen. Please take time to check it out and some of their links. i have already found some other resources of great writing on Femdom. i have also added them to my links on the right.


  1. Reward comes with risk. I know it was really stepping out the comfort zone the first time Domina and I met (sorry back to screen names here) We started out talking about normal vanilla things, but even then we had in the back of our heads the knowledge that we both wanted to explore the intimate taboo things we now engage in. Our first date was wonderful because we respected each other as good people and understood we had the same desires in a partnership and a desire to experience the unknown. Then the comfy zone turned into a big ole comfy open space to roam together.

    It was great talking with you two last night. We look forward to having friends join us in the comfy place!

  2. Well said my love, well said. We did so enjoy speaking with you both, and hope to do it again soon. Please take care.