Sunday, April 5, 2009

SSS-'Sexy Sunday Shots"

Following with 'HNT', i thought i would also include some musings from the web. This would allow me to expand on my thoughts brought up by sexy or provocative images. i will also comment on some of the podcasts i listen to since much of the time the only time i get an opportunity to listen to them i am usually by myself in the car.

So, i came up with "Sexy Sunday Shots". i figure i could use either Saturday or Sunday, depending on what the family schedule is allowing for. So, without any further ado, SSS.

After looking at this, i am in awe of how the Mistress has used Her sub's balls as a fuck toy. She wisely uses the help of a ball stretcher to assist in compacting them. i figure my Mistress may actually enjoy that type of pleasure if She were able to fit them in. Mistress is not small, but my balls are extremely large. Needless to say, it would be wonderful to see Mistress pleasure Herself that way.

Also, i am jealous of the guy because he is able to put that much metal in Her cock. Unfortunately, i have not been that successful in inserting a wide metal rod into Mistress' cock. i hope that someday i am able to use the Prince's Wand that Mistress bought for me to wear. Mistress does plan to put a Prince Albert on me one day. What a great way of showing my commitment to Her. A ring on the hand. A collar on the neck. A ring in Her cock.

In other media, i got a chance to listen to the podcast 'Sex is Fun' recently, and the discussed urinating during intercourse, living in Virginia, and a review on some forceps. In it, a woman calls in expressing concern with urinating during orgasm. The hosts debunked the urination and suggested that She was ejaculating. This is apparently a direct result of extreme arousal. i have had Mistress' ejaculate on me when She climaxed several times. At the time, She was concerned that She had peed on me, but it had no smell or color.

In less important news, the podcast discussed the pros and cons of living in Virginia and being in the 'Bible Belt'. i feel their concerns are unfounded and that Virginia is not as uptight as the rest of the US thinks.

Lastly, some review of the "Young Forceps" used for clamping sounded like an exciting alternative to clothes pins. Maybe it should be added to the Holiday Toy list?

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