Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Hot Scene

Mistress has been working with me recently on my communication skills. On Monday night W/we had an very good Q & A in which Mistress asked me direct questions and i answered them verbally. Verbally being the big part. In the past few years i have relied on my blog to express my thoughts. This time is was wide open, any question goes, question and answer.

The result? A closer connection with Mistress. The following night W/we were fortunate enough to have O/our daughter out for the night to go see a movie and stay over a friend's house. That meant W/we had the house to O/ourselves(a rarity).

i made Mistress a simple but nice meal, in the buff. That left Her with both food for the mouth and the eyes. After dinner, Mistress took a shower and instructed me to accomplish a handfull of chores around the house. Then, with a splendid surprise, Mistress came out to the living room looking sexier than ever. She was wearing a form fitting black teddy donned with Her new pink dildo attached to Her strap-on harness. What a sight!! i knew immediately what She had in mind for me this night. She had been expressing a desire to fuck Her sub since it had been a long time since She had taken me.

Mistress then hooked a leash to my 24/7 collar and led me on my hands and knees like a dog into the bedroom. i had a true feeling of being owned and submitting to Her every will. Once in the bedroom She instructed me to suck Her long pink cock. Normally there would have been a slight hesitation but with Mistress exerting Her strong Dominance over me, i could not resist. i sucked Her cock long and hard, listening to Her moan with pleasure as she got off watching Her sub take Her cock with extreme enthusiasm. It was wonderful. Knowing She was being turned on by Her sub.

Then Mistress instructed me to lay on the bed with my arms above my head. She then handcuffed my hands to one bedpost as i lay diagonally across the bed. That turned me on even more. Mistress tying me up and using me for Her pleasure. She then proceeded to massage Her cock and then inflict various forms of torture using a wartenburg wheel and Her new toy, a candle. She enjoyed watching me jump as the wax hit my body. Each time, using Her cock as a litmus test to see if i enjoyed it.

Then Mistress moved to the goal She was seeking. Dominating my ass. She started with Her hand up my ass. Stroking my prostrate so that it felt like someone was massaging Her cock from the inside out. Then she moved to a small dildo and then one of Her new toys, Her inflatable dildo. W/we have not been able to get it all the way in last time we tried it but i was determined to take it for Her tonight. Sure enough, She got it all the way in and then proceeded to fill it up little by little. By the end, i thought i would explode from the inside out. After playing with the inflatable she was convinced that i was ready for Her to take me.

Mistress then had me get on my hands and knees and then proceeded to put Her cock inside me. She started slow. Getting the right angle and the right type of penetration. Each time, thrusting harder and harder. As She felt comfortable, She would increase the pace and i could tell by Her moaning that the pounding on my ass was felt by Her pussy. She then came hard and grabbed onto my back, digging Her nails into it. That is a sure fire way of knowing it was good for Her.

Now She wanted me to cum with Her at the same time. Due to our height differences, She was unable to reach around and grab me. Instead, She had me get on my back and She took me face to face. All along stroking Her cock as She pounded my ass. Due to all the prostate play and watching mistress getting off, i came hard and long. Squirting all over the place like the bitch i was.

Needless to say, it was one of the top scenes we have had in a long time. i hope that i can please Her this way again soon.

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