Sunday, April 19, 2009


As posted before, Mistress and i have been communicating better. This has led to an unexpected rise in my submission and Her Dominance. It has also led to more opportunities to please Mistress(both sexual and non-sexual). It also led to us coming up with letters to each other of O/our expectations W/we have in O/our D/s relationship. One of the main concerns i had was to have concrete and clear directions from Mistress. i got the idea from another blog to set a "minimum qouta" of orgasms Mistress should have in a set period. She suggested 30 a month as a minimum. Now i had a goal.

Yesterday, Mistress had some editing to do on Her paper for Her online class She is taking to get Her Masters.(beautiful and smart). As i was about to let Her be and have some quiet time in order to get work done, Mistress suggested that i might want to lick Her pussy while She worked on Her laptop. She didn't have to tell me twice as i undressed and got under the covers to begin my servicing on Her wet box. i attacked and licked it like someone who hasn't had their favorite food in over a year. In turn, She reacted with moans and twitching. Needless to say, She was unable to concentrate on Her work. i lapped up Her soaked pussy over and over again. Each time bringing Her to climax. Each time making Her wetter. In the process i think i brought Her to peak 6 times.

Then Mistress directed me to come up to her and embrace and Her already hard cock rubbed up against Her twitching, wet pussy. Knowing that i did not have permission to enter Her and that She desired a cock in Her pussy, i suggested that i fulfill Her needs another way. i then went a put on a special harness that allows my cock to fit through the bottom and has a O ring above it for a dildo. Since my cock is small, i knew She was going to enjoy it and at the same time not permitting me to enter Her.

Her dildo was long. She gasped as i placed it inside Her primed box. Mistress has always desired a long, hard, and deep fucking. Something that i cannot usually provide with my meager penis. i was still eager to provide Mistress with the fucking She desired. After finding the right angle i pounded Her pussy to orgasm another 2 times. i was so incredibly turned on watching Her cum each and every time. i told Her i could come just watching Her get fucked. So She put me to the challenge. i was allowed to cum if i could while i pounded Her with her dildo. i knew this was not going to be a problem. So i proceeded to ram Her eager pussy as we both climaxed together. Wow! So much for Her paper.

One thing about Mistress is that when She gets going, She finds it hard to stop. So as of now we are up to 8!

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