Sunday, April 26, 2009

Communication=Pleasure Part II

So Mistress had already reached 8 orgasms for the day and She desired to play with the urethral sounds we bought last year. It has been a while since played with them and She desired to stretch me to be able to wear the princes wand She purchased me along with the sounds. This would require a daily stretching of my urethra using these sounds. i cannot deny that it is definitely erotic having your Mistress fuck your penis with a metal rod.

Unfortunately we were only able to get through the first double ended sound. Mistress being turned on from earlier in the day was getting hot just doing it. She said that hadn't been as turned on before from it but the feeling of complete control as She slid a metal rod up Her cock gave Her a rush of energy. She would lube it up and slide it in little by little. She would then slide it up and down as i felt the metal rub up inside Her cock and felt it get harder than it usually does as it stimulated the tissue that normally doesn't get touched.

Mistress in Her hot and bothered state instructed me to rub my cock with the metal rod inside me while She masturbated. We came together and She was even more turned on by the fact that i came and nothing came out due to the rod. i removed the rod and out rushed a load of cum. after i cleaned up i then was instructed to lick Her nipples as She brought Herself to orgasm once again. i think that was the one that hit the sport as She exclaimed that She could not move or feel Her body. That makes 10 for the day and i feel like i serviced my Mistress completely. With some regular work, i should be able to wear that wand for Mistress.

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