Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thoughts inspired by Mistress' comments

Mistress' new blog, Sensual Femdom has given Her a new outlet for Her thoughts and feelings. One of Her recent posts, She refers to the rigors of day to day life and their effect on the D/s relationship. I have commented before about struggling with this very problem and the observation of ebb and flow in such a relationship. This kind of give and take goes on in vanilla marriages as well, so i do not feel that this problem is unique by any way to the BDSM community.

i read another post by Mistress Vanilla in her blog Kink Unleashed. It makes me feel better knowing that W/we are not the only ones struggling with this. Life is hard. There are many distractions that come up. Especially when You have a family. Mistress Vanilla had an interesting take on it and a pretty good solution. She came up with an "Orgasm Quota" for a set time. It may sound too strict and not thoughtful, but it seemed like something that would appeal to me. Something concrete that could be measured. Maybe this is something Mistress may feel might make Her feel more Dominant. But the pitfall lies in when the goal is not met and that Dominance is lost.

i will continue to try to bring it out of Her. i regularly keep Her cock clean shaven for her enjoyment, as well as Her ass. But maybe i should work harder. Remembering to strip down to my slave clothes when the opportunity presents itself at home alone without the children. And offering Her more attention so that She feels loved and serviced. i had hoped the start of my HNT section may be the start of piquing Her interest more often, but maybe the pictures need to be amped up a bit.

i don't have the solution, but i am going to keep on working because i ache to please Her and enjoy knowing that She is fulfilled.

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