Saturday, March 14, 2009

Great Story

i usually do not post about someone else's blog, but i felt this particular post was especially hot. Miss Vanilla has a great blog in which She documents Her voyage from a vanilla life to a kink lifestyle with the help of Her sub, Boy Toy. i assume She refers to Herself as Miss Vanilla because of Her starting point, not unlike Mistress and myself. Many of Her posts are insightful and offer a glimpse into a "real" D/s relationship and the goings on. What seems to make them especially real is the ebb and flow of Her playtime with Boy Toy. i am sure many folks in the D/s world can relate to the stresses and burdens of day to day life and their effect on the D/s interplay.

Take some time and read over Her particularly hot post here i think i may borrow some ideas from Mistress Vanilla as time moves on. Make sure to keep up and check out Her blog @ Kink Unleashed

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