Thursday, February 26, 2009

Magic Shaving Cream

i have been shaving my pubic hairs on and off ever since Mistress introduced it to me 8 years ago. One of the problems i have always had to contend with is not being able to get a baby smooth shave without going against the grain of the hair. The real trouble that i run into when i do that i break out with a rash and bumps. Until now.

i proposed my problem to the wonderful people on and they came up with a great solution that i feel i should share with everyone. The product is Magic Shaving Cream. It works like Nair but does not burn. You apply the cream and leave it on for 6-9 minutes. Afterwards, you scrape(old credit card) against the grain and the hair comes right off. No bumps. No irritation. It was originally designed for black men who have problems with ingrown hairs. It seems i cannot do it much more than once a week without minor irritation. But, if You are looking for that baby smooth shaved look down there then this is the product. It worked so well, Mistress followed suit and shaved Her pussy. One again, it worked awesome. Maybe She will let me take a picture to post. 

So, if You are having problems with shaving and irritation, Magic Shaving Cream is Your solution. It comes as a powder You can mix or a little more expensive pre-mixed cream. i went with the easy way out with the cream. 

Give it a try and let me know how You do!

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