Friday, December 26, 2008

Short Spankings

Mistress has been taking to frequent short spankings to me throughout the day at random times. i originally did not care much for spanking when W/we started O/our D/s relationship but have grown to really enjoy them. It has started to turn me on. Having Her slap Her bitch's ass whenever She feels the need, or more importantly, the desire. It gets me excited that it pleases Her and increases Her confidence in Herself. 

The other day i was doing dishes at the sink and She came up behind me and slapped Her sub's ass several times and then followed it up with a wonderful caressing touch. i was ready right then and there for Her to take me as Her ass slave. Right there in the kitchen.

i love the touch of Her hand. But being a Mac fanboy, She could just use this instead. :-)

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