Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas 2008 Mistress' Cabinet Pick #4

When Mistress decided for U/us to enter into our D/s relationship, one of the things She did was to purchase a steel collar for me to wear 24/7. i loved it. it was a symbol of my devotion and submission to Mistress. I wore it for about a year and a half. That included at work(i was a teacher). Most of the time the students didn't think much of it, but the most common assumption was that i was wearing one of those "health" collars to center my "chi". 

Before a plane flight for our anniversary, Mistress removed the collar to go through security, and we never put it back. At that time our D/s relationship was on a down slope(as many go up and down) and She decided to leave it off. Well, over time we just decided to leave it off even though W/we were still in our D/s relationship. Then, about a month or so ago, Mistress saw a picture of me with it on and was taken back at how blatant it was. Originally, W/we did not think it as obvious and as time went on got accustomed to it being a regular part of me. When all of that time lapsed without me having it around my neck, it looked shocking.

Ok, so what am i getting at. i would love to wear the collar again. i would be honored to earn it again. But, W/we are business owners and Mistress worries about O/our public image. So the next item in which i feel Mistress may have a outward display of our relationship would be the anklets from Eternity Collars. It would be clear to Her and at the same time be able to keep it out of the eyes of the public. Not to mention, two less restrains She would have to attach when She wanted to tie me up and have Her way with me. Yum!

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