Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas 2008 Mistress' Cabinet Pick #2

Once Mistress has me in the position She want's me in to ass fuck me, She would need the right tool to make sure She received the maximum pleasure from fucking . Currently, Mistress has a Feeldoe that She likes but has problems keeping it inside Her. One of the alternatives i think She would enjoy would be the Nexus Maximus.
With this double-ended dildo, Mistress would have a cock up inside of Her while She was shoving Her cock into Her bitch's ass. In addition, there is an insertable vibrator for Her extra pleasure. What is most significantly different about this dildo is the construction of the part that is inserted into Her. With the Feeldoe, She inserts a bulb into Her luscious pussy and it can be difficult for Her to keep it in. i think this item is a large improvement over the Feeldoe and would result in Mistress' pleasure to be doubled.

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