Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blog about Blogging

Mistress has proposed a new idea to promote Her growth in writing. She is a very good writer(much better than i am) and She is looking for an avenue to express Herself. i have suggested She write Her own blog, but She feels She needs a more direct subject matter. So She came up with an idea the other day i think is great.(like all of Her ideas)

There is a great website out there called Listverse, in which they create new lists every day about interesting facts and information. Sometimes its serious. Sometimes its funny. Just depends. If you want funny, you should direct your browser to Cracked where you are sure to find interesting AND funny on all of their lists. This spawned an idea.

Mistress would like to collaborate in a "list" type blog related to sex, D/s, and BDSM. i think this is a great idea and look forward to any input some of you readers may have. i don't know how much i can contribute, but i can set it up, maintain, and type it for Mistress. 

Or, i can just help her this way.

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