Monday, December 29, 2008

Real Life Movie

One of the things young boys figure out when they get into and past puberty is how to get material in order to masturbate. With hormones raging it can and sometimes does become a full-time job. It usually starts with your father's Playboys and then moves into other magazines when you can get a chance or are old enough. This was the case with me. There wasn't the internet while i was growing up so that avenue was not available, though it did become the main source as i got older. 

Unfortunately, with my sexless first marriage it became the only source of pleasure and became a bad habit/addiction i brought into my current marriage. i am very fortunate to a have a loving and caring Mistress to show me the err of my ways and not allow for such nonsense. Mistress has trained me to expel this addiction and to gain pleasure from the one and only thing that matters: Her pleasure.

On occasion i am granted an opportunity that meets both needs. This particular morning Mistress was feeling horny but not in the mood to allow me to touch Her wet pussy. Instead, She masturbated while i hovered over Her so that She could see me pleasing Her cock. She would have me stroke it fast then slow, depending on where She was in Her waves of orgasm. Each time, denying me privilege of coming. Nothing could be hotter than watching Mistress please Herself and watch Her writhe and twitch as She rubbed Her own lips and clit all while watching Her slave stroke Her cock. After a while She came hard and allowed me the explode with Her, commanding me to do so on Her beautiful breasts. Afterwards, i was told to lick up my own spunk in order to clean Her up.

This wonderful scene reminds me of the days of watching porno, but i am reminded on how weak of a arousal it was compared to the joy of watching my Mistress cum hard while i acted as Her own personal porno. It is a movie that i will not soon erase.

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