Saturday, August 1, 2009

Her Presence

This week has been particularly stressful at work since Mistress has officially begun Her withdrawl from O/our business in order to prepare for Her new job. It means that i not only responsible for my usual tasks but also Hers. Needless to say, She does alot and i knew i would have big shoes to fill. To add to the stress of my first week without Her, W/we had a piece of machinary go down and one of O/our key employees has been out sick for two days this week. So things have been hectic.

What i did realize is how much i rely on Mistress for guidance and stabiliztion. i have always known my position in O/our relationship but never realized that just Her presence is enough to make me feel better with the world, no matter how bad it may be. i had one day this week that was especially crazy and She offered to come in even though She had planned to not do so. When She came into work She didn't even need to do anything. For what it was worth, She didn't do much at all. But Her mere presence was enough to set the universe right and make things better.

It just really shows that Mistress does have the powers Her title dictates and how much She makes my life better. i am a lucky sub.

1 comment:

  1. You most certainly are a lucky sub! How strong, kind, and generous your Mistress is! Please keep that in mind so that you appreciate her every day, in every way that she deserves : )