Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Romantic Post

Mistress' number one complaint of me is my lack of romance. i cannot disagree with Her in that i find it challenging to be romantic(or at least express my love, devotion, and desire for Her) i am guilty of not expressing myself through romantic or thoughtful actions that i come up with on my own. From time to time i surprise Her with something out of the blue, but more often than not, i have to be provoked or reminded. i always feel bad that i am not naturally wired that way, but i am now turning my focus on my improvements on that aspect of O/our relationship. Up to now, i have worked towards making sure Mistress' needs are met and that my tasks and duties are being completed. Many of you who have been reading here know that i struggle with that also. As time has passed and i adjust to my new work duties, it is getting easier, which i hope will allow me to add that aspect to O/our relationship more often.

i know that this post was called "A Romantic Post", and it has been pretty clinical. i may not be the most romantic by nature person, but i can at least recognize romance. So i will direct you to someone who has put into words a very sweet, touching, and beautiful recollection of a personal experience. This comes from a blog you should definitely follow:

Let the Rain Come

Dark and quiet in the very early morning. The world is still around me. He breathes softly next to me. I reach my hand to him, feeling his warmth. He sighs a little as I stroke the skin of his back, from neck to waist. I turn to him and fit my hips against the curve of him, thigh against thigh, knee tucked in tight. Then with just a whisper I hear the rain begin.

It is so soft at first against the roof. We two are all alone in the small trailer here in the mountains. There is a darkness that is velvet and inky, it surrounds us. So seldom do we experience this much dark at home in the city. Little by little the rain grows. Little by little I stroke his skin harder and more. Down his side, then I reach around and stroke his chest, the pads of my fingers soft at first then I curve my fingers and let my nails drag a bit, then a bit harder down lower and lower. His sigh is deeper now. The rain falls harder now. He turns to me, kisses me full on the mouth, his hand running down my side.

"Will you stand with me outside in the rain?"

And so we slip on shoes but nothing else. And the rain falls through the canopy of the trees, huge oaks gather it on their palm shaped leaves and when it is too heavy to hold any longer they let spill down to the waiting earth. We step away from the doorway, away from the one small light on in the trailer that casts a soft glow out into the deep darkness. We stand together, warm naked bodies pressed chest to chest, hip to hip, thigh to thigh. And the rain is soft on our skin, our hair, our faces. We stand together and each turn our faces up to the falling rain. He stretches his hands up and out. I take my hands and touch him, feel him. From chest, to shoulder. Strong muscles pulled taut as he holds the pose. His hips press against me harder. His sex swells and I feel it against mine. My hands continue out along the plane of his outstretched arms until my hands reach his, my fingers curl against his palms. My face I press against his chest, that too now wet with the softly falling rain. Our skin where pressed together is hot, our skin where the rain has made us slick and wet is cool.

He curls his arms down and around me, his hands run down my rain wet back and lower still until he cups my ass pulling my hips even tighter to his swollen cock.

I kiss his lips again, open my mouth easily to him and taste this man I know with everything I am.

"Take me inside and make love to me."


  1. Men often confuse romance and sex. Romance to a woman is something totally different than what you have posted here. I would urge you to ask your Mistress what she considers romantic. Standing naked in the rain would be sexy, yes, but romantic?

    And romance doesn't have to be big things, it can be little ones, too. It can be something as small as a love note left on the windshield of her car. Just little gestures that say, you treasure her.

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