Saturday, August 15, 2009

A How To Video-Foot Massage

It is a lot of work being a Domme(so i have been told). So Mistress requested a foot massage from me, especially since O/our little one is away and i could spend more time and energy attending to Her needs. While She was lying on Her stomach surfing the web, She came across a video. This video demonstrates how to give a proper foot massage. i could see the video from where i was positioned and took note. The problem came when i couldn't replicate what the video was asking me to do since i was in a different position. i then insisted that i should do this correctly and desired to learn how to do it better than i have.

So i positioned Mistress around on Her back and set up the laptop so i could follow along. Mistress was immediately into Her relaxing moaning during the whole process. It's a great video. So i figured i would share for all of the subs out there looking to improve on their servicing of their Dommes feet.

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  1. wondedful. thx. I have a book I use, but this is great.