Sunday, August 9, 2009

Adding to My Metal

This past week has really been wonderful with Mistress. For those of you who have not followed, Mistress and i had four days in a row kid free!!! This has been a first for U/us. It has allowed me to dress more appropiately at home and in front of Her. i know it pleases He when i wear just my leather collar, Her panties, and nothing else. In addition, Mistress mixed it up by purchasing a Rimba(e-stim) for U/us to play with. It didn't go as planned the first couple of times, but the desired effect was achieved on the third. You can read more on Her blog here.

Mistress also has me don Her silky night shirt when i was cold. It was nice to be free to serve and please Her in the ways She enjoys most. Usually W/we have to go away in order to have this quiet time and it changes up O/our routine. It was great to be able to stay in O/our daily routine with the added dimension even more present.

Quiet. Did i say quiet? Well, when it came to servicing Mistress, quiet was NOT the appropiate word. With no kids in earshot, my ears were treated to moans and screams as Mistress felt free to cum as hard and LOUD as She likes. What a treat. It makes me hard just thinking of it. i think She hurt Her voice a couple times this week.

You would also think it would be all about the sex. But it wasn't. It was better. W/we were also able to have full un-interrupted conversations and just enjoy each other without any other responsiblities. It was definitely something i was not expecting nor something i realized i had missed. For those of you with kids, you understand.

The icing on the cake was my new anklets. Oh so nice! i am so glad Mistress decided on something to substitute for my metal collar. i am getting quite a collection of metal.

It just goes to show you that you do not have to go away to special time with the one you worship and love!


  1. Our kids are asleep by 8:00 and each night we have one-on-one time. It has been this way for us going back ten years. Otherwise, we wouldn't have our alone time and our relationship would have been more difficult. Now a days, I look forward to the post-8:00pm times when I can drop my equality extirior and either sit at her feet, or serve her in other ways.

    Glad you had a refreshing time serving your wife. For us, the sexual component is also a small portion of the 24 hr day. Most of the time is other forms of authority enforcement.

  2. We definitely need to make more time for ourselves! I loved sharing the week with you (and you alone), and feel so much closer to you now.