Sunday, August 2, 2009

Long Overdue Time

Mistress and i will finally be getting some long deserved quiet time when our daughter goes away to camp for the next four days. i am looking forward to spending quality time with Her. Pleasing, serving, and catering to Her in the way She really wants. i am working on some places to take Her that we normally do not get a chance to do since W/we have O/our daughter. i am sure several nice dinners out are in order. Maybe a movie. W/we will see. But this week needs to be time for Her. She certainly deserves it for all She does for me and everyone else.

i am also excited since Mistress purchased a Rimba and ordered anklets for me.

W/we will be sure to keep You updated on the week.


  1. When we get free time, I crave my wife takes ownership of the time and does with it as she wants instead of asking me my opinion. Recently, that is how it has gone and it makes me glad. She deserves to spend her free time just how she wants and I get happiness being in her service.

  2. Hope that you both are enjoying your alone-time, and you are taking wonderful care of W-I am sure that you are : )