Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Memorable Evening

Yesterday was one the most erotic and intense days i can remember experiencing with Mistress. There have been other times in which both of U/us were in "The Zone" but, this one takes the cake. Usually, these special times are very planned out and orchestrated in order to make for the best results. i would have to say the spontaneity was incredible.

The day started with my usual path of getting up and going to work. Mistress and i conversed back and forth via text and facebook throughout the day. Then, i got a text message. This usually means She doesn't want prying eyes to see. She commanded me to go into the bathroom and stroke Her cock while i was thinking of Her, up until orgasm. She has asked this of me in the past but now, i was armed with a new piece of technology, my iPhone 3GS. For those of you that don't know, the new iPhone has a video camera on it. So i figured that i would provide evidence on my completed task to Her.

i proceeded into the bathroom and began to stroke Her cock. It didn't take very long to get hard. Just thinking about Her getting off when She gets the video in Her email was enough to drive me nuts. It didn't take long to reach the edge of orgasm, after which i emailed Her the video. This filming thing is something i have been wanting to incorporate into O/our relationship for a while, and this was the perfect time.

As i went through the day i was always a little more "primed" than normal. Between the stroking and the thoughts of Mistress being pleased by Her new video.

i got home later that evening to discover that She had spent most of the day cleaning and checking things off of Her list. She even made a big batch of chili for the family. i felt very spoiled. The remainder of the evening continued pretty much uneventful since our child was around.

W/we both decided to turn in for the evening. Me in my uniform(nothing on) and Mistress in Her night clothes. i guess the sight of me laying there and the interactions of the day spawned Mistress to not let this evening end so quickly. She climbed on top of me, in that dominating way i oh so love and W/we kissed and made out. All the while She rubbed Her pussy up against my hard erection. i love it when She gets on top and just takes command of Her desires.

Then She got off and instructed me to get on my hands and knees. Feeling that i deserved punishment for neglecting my duties at home, She proceeded to whack me with Her crop. Again, not losing my erection all the while. Knowing that She is enjoying my punishment and the show She is getting.

Afterwards She had me lay on my back. i was instructed to touch Her now dripping pussy. Thats enough to make your heart rate increase!! Mistress has been talking about a good ass fucking for a while, and that's exactly what She did. Not the usual strap-on, but a double ended dildo.

Of course She was very caring and gentle to warm up my ass for the impending penetration. Using Her fingers with that "come here" gesture to rub my prostate. i feel like a puppet in Her hands when She does this. i am totally in Her control and at Her whim. After getting me started, She proceeded to the dildo. It was incredible to feel the long cock slide into my eager ass. Mistress also decided to compare my small member to the large cock She and i would be taking in. After inserted into me, She proceeded to put the other end in Her pussy. Rocking back and forth, i could feel the cock slide in and out of me as it slid in and out of Her. W/we are lucky that our daughter sleeps deep since the moaning and screaming was over the top. i think Mistress came several times. Each time She stopped, my cock would feel a warm burning sensation, the pulsing of my prostate. i could practically just stay there and most likely could cum. We repeated this several times until i could take no more. i begged and begged for Her to let me cum. In all of Her kindness i released a stream of cum like never before.

After W/we had come down from O/our sexual high, i was still moaning and semi hard for almost a half hour later. What a memorable night!!!


  1. I say this with all sincerity, you lucky wife-bitch..... You sound like you are in sub-heaven.... Glad you two are so coupled....

  2. subservient-husband, i am. i am a very lucky, fortunate, and spoiled sub to be married to such a wonderful Domme/Mistress