Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer of Funk

No, i am not making a reference to the style of music. And i am definitely not commenting on a smell. i am speaking of the mood. It seems, after getting caught up with some of my favorite blogs, that there is a large portion of D/s couples going through a "recession" of their relationship. Mistress and i have been very on again off again this summer, and it seems we are not alone.

Domina and anthony(Here) are going through their own taxing of their relationship, even after Domina's vacation. Stress, work, family, and economics have put a strain on their time together. This has been the case for Mistress and i also. Though, i found it interesting that it led to their "switching". i know Mistress would never want, fantasize, or desire any part of switching roles. i wouldn't even know what to do. This probably explains why i never had sex in my first marriage. Since i couldn't initiate it, my ex most likely thought i wasn't interested. But i digress.

Elle over at Kinkunleashed has run into hard times with boy toy and has been flirting with even spliting up. Not surpising, but stress from work and life have effected them also. Maybe this sinking economy is trickling down to parts of people's lives they had not expected.

It is really ashame because the weather(especially here) has been nice and moderate and not overly hot. One would think that would raise folk's spirits and in turn fuel that primal D/s fire. i don't claim to know whats going on, but there is is something odd going on this summer.

Let's hope this funk lifts soon.

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  1. I second that emotion! God let this funk end soon, I want to get back to being freaky-deaky with my sexy subbie! : )

    Great to see W today, she looks well and happy; obviously you are taking very good care of her! : )

    Hope to see you BOTH soon!