Friday, July 3, 2009

Missing my Collar

As some of You may have noticed that i changed my avatar icon recently. If You are still wondering what i changed it to, i wilkl explain.

One day, i was feeling deep and philosophical and i started pondering my collar and my submission. Until then, i never realized the connection of the three rings(until recently)wear. The smallest, being my wedding ring. Needing something light and extremely durable, Mistress helped me pick out a titanium ring. i know what You were thinking, but no, i am not that small that that was my cock ring.

Which brings me to the second ring. i purchased it as a gift for Mistress when W/we first started O/our plunge into D/s. i had it delivered to the house while i was at work. If you are looking for an outstanding metal cockring, this is it. HERE

Lastly, Mistress purchased a steel collar for me while i was away for an extended time on a work trip. She had it waiting for me when i got back and needless to say i was very excited. i naively wore it 24/7 for quite a while. Then a job change to being employeed to running O/our own business led to Mistress deciding that W/we shouldn't be so obvious. The moment that changed O/our perception of what the public saw was when a customer complimented me on the collar and commented "Kinky". It was positive but seems that W/we not as naive as W/we were before.

So now i usually wear it in the winter but do not have a substitute to don during the summer months. Mistress has discussed anklets, which would be exciting also. Any readers have ideas, W/we would love to hear them. In the mean time, i will be missing my collar.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps W could have your nipples pierced, or your cock pierced? Then you would be wearing a "ring" all the time? : ) A belly chain might a be good option, or a belly button ring. I have anthony wear a garter on one leg every day, so that is a type of collar I suppose.

    Cheers, see you soon!