Monday, July 13, 2009

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

i don't even know what has been happening this summer with all the sickness. It seems we have had a outbreak of Swine Flu in which O/our daughter brought home from day camp. This has led to dealing with someone in the house being ill since before the 4th. This has really put a damper on O/our time together. i am pleased to relay that Mistress allowed me to enter Her and cum over the 4th weekend. It has been a very long time since Mistress has allowed me to enter Her and i am very thankful for Her generosity. It was wonderful to make love with Mistress and please Her that way.

Since times have been a downer lately(with the exception of last weekend), i thought i would bring some humor and observations i have been making recently. Mainly, my observation of D/s or BDSM in the media. i have decided to share some of my favorite humorous examples that have been out lately.

This one has been probably the most popular. No question it is a very well done ad. When it aired, i remember Mistress and i looking at each other and smiling. i think we still do it every time it comes on.

The second ad i stumbled upon in a search for one of my favorites. For the life of me i couldn't find the commercial i saw a long time ago. When i actually did find it, the site it was posted on had been taken down. In the process of a renwed search, i cam across this T-Mobil commercial.

This last one is my absolute favorite. i was so excited when i finally was able to track it down. i hope this puts a smile on You and helps as everyone gets started back to the work week.

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