Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Life...don't talk to me about life"

That is one of my favorite quotes from "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" in which Marvin the Manically Depressed Robot responds to one of his crew-mates. Sometimes i feel that it the voice in my head when things get crazy. It is a constant balancing act between the demands of house/work and ensuring my Mistress' pleasure. Much of the time, "life" gets in the way. i am sure it is the same for Her. Not only has Mistress' been working on Her Master's degree(just after finishing her Bachelors) but has recently accepted a new job that will take Her away during the work day. On top of all of that, i had all of my obligations recently which included a college friend visiting on vacation from the Middle East. Of course, when all that is going on, family has upped the ante with their own crises which needed our attention(justifiably)

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, there needs to be time for Mistress. Don't get me wrong, there is ALWAYS time for Mistress. Just not the kind of time that allows for quiet and intimate bonding. All during this, W/we have been working on upping the ante(so to speak) on O/our own relationship. i simply adore Mistress and am so proud of all the work She does does for Herself and O/our family. i am in awe of what She gets accomplished each and every day. She inspires me to do more, work harder, and most importantly, be a better sub. i know that all of these things She is doing will bring better things for O/our family, i just hope that it may bring some more quality time.

All i really know, is that i need to make some time for U/us to get away soon and leave some of O/our responsibilities behind. She deserves it. For all of Her work. And for how wonderful She is. The last thing i would like to see is either of U/us turing into Marvin the robot.


  1. Funny how our posts tonight are so similar! See, despite all that is going on, we are connected. I love you sweetheart!

  2. I read several of the Hitchhiker books back when I was in high school. My best memory of Marvin was when he got ditched at the restaurant at the end of the universe and had to literally sit there for eternity before his time travelling friends returned. He may have been sour, but he was pretty damn submissive!


  3. a:

    Right on!! I didn't think about that!! Great pointing that out. Hopefully, we can all be more enthusiastic about our submission.