Monday, June 22, 2009

Fit to Be Tied

In my previous post Back to Normal i stated how nice it was to get back home and start putting some time back into serving Mistress. it seems that i was incorrect in saying that things were "back to normal". It seems that "normal" doesn't even scratch the surface on how things have transpired between Mistress and myself.

To say that Mistress' sex drive and dominance has been on overdrive would be an understatement. Between spending some incredible intimate time with Her, She has found a way(either with or without me) to knock off 10+ orgasms a day.

i must rewind a bit. When W/we came back from O/our trip i misplaced some of my efforts towards serving Mistress and once again managed to get myself into some hot water. After a long discussion mid-week, i came to a better understanding of how i overlooked oppurtunities to support and serve Her. As a result of O/our discussion, Mistress decided W/we did not communicate enough and it was past due to visit a list of our desires, fantasies, and limits. Needless to say, many of our answers have changed quite a bit since O/our first visit to the list. Many of our answers reflected O/our current location on O/our voyage through D/s. Some items have also led us to more reflection and ideas.

Needless to say, Mistress was very turned on by touching base on our desires and limits and it fired off a fury of Dominance. Between requesting my assistance of reaching orgasms and giving Her Eroscillator(and Magic Wand) and heavy workout She has unleashed a new level of sexual energy i have not seen in a long time. Mistress started out the weekend with having me wear some panty hose over my pantys and talk of having me sucking some cock for Her enjoyment. She had me always thinking of Her every time i had to leave the house between Her talk and sexy text messages. i guess i know why the teens are so into it.

The pinacle of the weekend was when Mistress decided to put Her rope tieing skill to work on me by lashing Her cock, to my feet and wrists. She then procedeed to tease me with clothes pins on my nipples and balls. She allowed me to stroke myself, but only with one finger. When i proved that i could reach orgasm that way She had me fuck the bed to get myselft to cum. It was very challenging, but as soon as She started moaning from rubbing Her own pussy, i was sent over the edge.

i would have to say, things are not exactly normal. But if this isn't normal, i would like to start making it more common place. This hardly does justice to all the activites of the weekend, but this is much as time will allow for now. i am very excited where Mistress is taking this train. All the while, making me feel more and more submissive each day.

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  1. Sexy text message are the best! anthony and I exchanged them quite often during the day at work; it makes us feel closer when we are very far apart!

    Glad you both are home; I am just now catching up on the blogs!