Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to Normal

Getting away from the rat race of everyday life is essential to self-preservation. It is also important to take that time to bond with your spouse and children. Unfortunately, when you take yourself out of that routine and structure of everyday life, you sacrifice the good along with the bad. As my father always said, "everything has a trade-off."

Such was this hiatus in my posts. Mistress and I decided to take O/our children to Florida to the amusement park capital of the world. It was a great trip and much fun was had. Relaxing and intimate it was not. But W/we knew that going into it. It was very important for O/our kids to have this experience. I hope they enjoyed it since it will be a while before W/we repeat it.

Thoughout the trip Mistress and I worked to keep all that W/we had worked on O/our D/s relationship kindled. It was very challenging with the heavy schedule and constant child interruptions. I find it funny that so many newlyweds go to Disney for their honeymoon since it is set up to be the place to prevent any adult thoughts, feelings or tendencies.

It has been nice to be back, wearing Mistress' panties, posting to the blog, and having quiet intimate time together. It seems I was close to having to explain my shaving and underwear choice at a doctor's appointment Monday when I saw a different doctor than I usually do and he was interested in a more thorough examination. I think he would have been in for a surprise with my straight-forward answer.

Anyway, sorry for the delay. It's good to be back where W/we can be normal. Maybe not normal by other people's standards, by my normal.

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