Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ts' first day-Part 2

The evening went very well as W/we drank a bit and got a little more comfortable with each other. i sat on the floor while t. sat on the couch next to Mistress. i would massage Her feet while W/we talked and Mistress would periodically come up with distractions so they could make out in short passionate bursts. Again, a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings, but most of all excitement to watch Mistress be pleasured. This went on for a while and Mistress would make sure i didn't feel left out by coming over to me and passionately kissing me also in front of t. This was hot too.

As the evening wore on, Mistress decided to change into Her bedtime outfit. When She came back from the bedroom out to the living room, i think You could here both of our jaws hit the floor She was wearing an all black outfit. It was made up of black slinky pants with a open front black blouse in which She had one of Her stunning bra's underneath showing off Her beautiful breasts. W/we went back to chit chat, taking turns making out, and such and decided it was time to hit the bed.

Mistress commanded t. and i to remove all of our clothes so that we would be naked for Her in bed. Things were not necessarily moving towards more groping but after W/we all decided to go to sleep, t. leaned over and started making out with Mistress again. i decided that i wanted to please Her also so i rubbed Her back, shoulders, lower back, and ass. When i was rubbing Her ass, She would spread Her legs so that i may rub Her inner thigh and pussy. i could hear Her moaning in between kissing and slurping on t. Her moaning made me so hard and excited. Mistress was truly being served by two subs at once. In one of the breaks of the kissing, i stopped rubbing Her mound and She asked why i stopped. Not about to let Her down, i went right back to pleasuring Her. Her moans grew stronger and stronger, as She processed the fact that She had one man embracing Her and kissing Her while another was bringing Her to orgasm. Mistress came hard. It was different and more passionate than i had heard before. i know the excitement of two men in bed with Her really put Her over the edge and i made me even more eager to please Her.

Afterwards, W/we all laid back in O/our spots on the bed and touched and fondled each other until W/we fell asleep. i had a difficult time sleeping after all the excitement and wondered in and out of it throughout the night. i was always being aware of any stirring from Mistress or t.

So what an exciting first night. i can't even imagine what W/we are going to experience the rest of the weekend.


  1. Wow, this sounds completely amazing! So glad you had a great time, I'm sure many more interesting experiences are to come.

  2. Fat Girl-Thanks for reading. i am sure you will enjoy what is to cum.