Tuesday, March 8, 2011

t's Second Day-Part II

...Continued from before.

"Going slow" ended up being Mistress in the middle while t. and i massaged Her body, fondled & kissed Her breasts, and i rubbed Her inner thigh. Mistress came pretty son afterwards, after which She proclaimed that vanilla time was over. She delved into Her cabinet of toys and brought out Her cuffs, rope, and a blindfold. She cuffed t. up, blindfolded him and attached his arms to the bedpost. In the first act of humiliation, Mistress had me take off his panties. Out sprung his erect cock all ready for action. Mistress then fondled his cock and his very large testicles. She wanted me to understand the magnitude of the size so She had me handle them also.

Next, Mistress tied up his cock with rope in a pseudo harness. Pleased with Her accomplishment, She went down on his eager member. After a bit of tease and denial, She mouthed to me to touch His cock. Without hesitation, i grabbed the first cock that wasn't not my own. It definitely felt softer than what i expected even though he was hard the only other comparison i had was artificial dildos and such. W/we went back and forth between me stoking his cock, Her stroking his cock, and Her sucking on it. Then She motioned to have me suck it. Again, in an act of obedience i went down on His hard cock. i had no sexual feelings about it other than the moaning Mistress was making from watching one of Her top fantasies come true before Her eyes. She would have me continue to suck on while She would finger Herself to orgasm.(several times).

Now that She was thoroughly turned on, She got on Her back next to him and had me lick Her very wet pussy. i loved that taste. So Mistress would have me lick Her pussy to orgasm and then switch to t.'s cock(while he was tied up and blindfolded) and back and forth. Each time She would cum harder and harder. After about 20 minutes of this, She decided to fulfill one of his fantasies by having sex with me in front of him. The only problem is that the medicine She gave me not only allowed me to function longer, it also kept me from getting hard.(that in conjunction with the 3 glasses of wine). She managed to get me hard enough to ride me and slipped me in. Immediately, She let out a big moan which caused me to cum right then and there without warning. i was very sad about it and the orgasm was very poor.

Determined to still climax again, Mistress then brought the third man in, Mr. Hitachi. She would use Mr. Hitachi next to t. and alternate in pulling his chest hair and his nipples. Once again She came hard. By now, the effects of the pills were in full swing and i was having trouble keeping my balance and started to act silly. i am sure this put a damper on the moment between Mistress and s. but they didn't seem to allow it to effect them.

It was a very hot first night. i wish i could have done more for Mistress that evening but i am happy i fulfilled two of Her fantasies. Here is looking forward to the next night.

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